Vibes Promotion 14th & 21st March 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with and OHRWO

Cool down your soul!

TWO heavy Podcast´s with music you will like with no replay. Stricktly vibes, bass, vinyl and soul. Let you surprise!

Listen to Vibes Promotion live every friday at 7 PM CET at raggakings.net

PART SPIRITUAL WARRIOR:2014_03_14_OHRWO_at_Vibespromotion.mp3

PART MODERN WARRIOR:2014_03_21_OHRWO_at_Vibespromotion.mp3

3hours for babylon


  1. gibt es eine playlist ???

  2. Für die beiden Pocast´s nicht. Bei Bedarf an einen Song, einfach mit der Zeitangabe nachfragen.

    Gruss OHRWO

  3. bomboclaat...what fi a mix...spiritual warrior is absolutely killah...bomboclaat BIG UP FI DIS
    greetz RasFlo