Vibes Promotion on December 18th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

reggae and rub-a-dub classics...


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Wailing Souls "Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall"
Johnny Clarke "Bad Days Are Going"
Johnny Osbourne "Never Stop Fighting"
Mystic Eyes "Perilious Time"
Barrington Levy "2000 Miles"
Big Youth "Do Good"
Jakob Miller "Lambs Bread Collie"
Triston Palmer "Joker Smoker"
Frankie Paul "Worries In The Dance"
Althea "Down Town Thing"
Cocoa Tea "Tune In"
Norris Reid "Protect Them"
Culture "Zion Gate"
Prince Fatty ft. Little Roy "Dive"
Mighty Diamonds "Identity"
Black Uhuru "I Love King Selassie"
Ini Kamoze "World A Music"
Dennis Brown "Declaration Of Rights"
Abyssinians "Satta A Masagana"
Cornell Campbell "Natty Dread In A Greenwich Town"
Cornell Campbell "Two Face Rasta"
Nigger Kojak & Liza "Fist To Fist Rub A Dub"
Johnny Lover "I Like It Like This"
Lone Ranger "Natty Dread On The Go"
Frankie Paul "Hot Number"
Lone Ranger "My Number"
Lone Ranger "The Big Match"
Freddie McGregor ft. Jackie Mittoo "Bobby Babylon & One Step Beyond"
Barrington Levy "Teach The Youth"
Nitty Gritty "Mek Dem Come"
Yellowman "Mad Over Me"
Courtney Melody & Brigadeer Jerry & Heavy D "Modern Connection"
Barrington Levy "Black Roses"
Dennis Brown "Revolution"
Bunny Wailer "I Shot The Sheriff"
Tamlins "Baltimore"
The Paragons "Man Next Door"

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Vibes Promotion 11th Dezember 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

Enjoy that bassline& Give Peace A Chance!!!

Your next musicupdate far away from reality, with great work of the new Bass Maessage Crew with big producers like Ill K, Duke Of Juke, Disrupt, Beam Up and and. One of the best labels in that time you can hear with a Who Dem Sound  and Zam Zam Records lgs Kalbata realeses.
And the Most High Is Calling with deep roots&grounded music by Alpha Steppa, Twilight Circus.This sound is so important!

Later it would be more technical with Dubstep and Others Style with promoting the new Ivy Lap LP, Bukez Finezt and Goth-Trad.

VIPR 11.12.2015 Vinyllist

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. King Fifi-“King Riddim”-45seven-45713
3. R. Robinson ft. Donovan Kingjay-”Never Fail”- WhoDemSound-WHODEM010
5. Kaiju-“Justic”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI86
7. Disrupt- “Cutbacks Dub”-Bass Maessage-BSSMSSG001
8. Kalbata ft. Leon Electronics-“Brimstone&Lightning”-Zam Zam Record.-ZAMZAM32
9. Beam Up-“Politricks”- Bass Maessage-BSSMSSG001
10. Alpha Steppa ft. Cologne-“Rooted”-Steppa Records- ASLP003/4
11. Alpha Steppa ft. Cologne-“Grounded”-Steppa Records- ASLP003/4
12. Alpha Steppa ft. Prince Jamo-“Mix Up Fix Up”-Steppa Records- ASLP003/4
13. Alpha Steppa ft. Prince Jamo -“Mix Dub Fix Dub”-Steppa Records- ASLP003/4
14. Alpha Steppa ft. Chazbo&Cyp -“Catharisi Part 1”-Steppa Records- ASLP003/4
15. Alpha Steppa ft. Sistah Awa-“No Teachings, No Teacher, No Student”-Steppa Records- ASLP003/4
16. Alpha Steppa ft. Sistah Awa-“Teachings”-Steppa Records- ASLP003/4
17. Twilight Circus ft. Ras Alla-“No Morw Will I Roam”-Peng Sound Rec.- PENGSOUND007
18. Alpha Steppa ft. Ras Dago-“Fire Key”-Trigram-TRIGRAM003
19. Ill K-“Never Stop”- Bass Maessage-BSSMSSG001
20. Ivy Lab-“Delirious”-20/20 LDN Rec.-2020LN001
21. Ivy Lab-“Shamrock”-20/20 LDN Rec.-2020LN001
22. Ivy Lab-“No Answer”-20/20 LDN Rec.-2020LN001
23. Ivy Lab ft. Havelock-“Hiya”-20/20 LDN Rec.-2020LN001
24. Bukez Finezt-“You Don´t Belong Here”-Sub Way Rec.- SUBWAY033
25. Goth-Trad-“Sinker”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI89
26. Bukez Finezt-“Under Control”-Sub Way Rec.- SUBWAY033
27. Quantum Soul-“Monsoon”-Tuba Rec.- TUBA009

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Vibes Promotion on December 4th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

Starting the show with some reggae/dub remixes and then move to an extended cumbia and latin funk set.
And some funky reggae for the final tunes.


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Teddy Presberg "Nancy" (Quasamodo`s Dubbed Mix)
Suns of Dub ft. Lauryn Hill "Sweetest Dub"
Born Ina Barn ft. Leelee Reid, Ambush Tactics & Syko Logik "Kill My High"
(DJ Maars Remix)
La Yegros "Vienne De Mi" (Captain Planet Remix)
Fuete Billete vs. Turbo Sonidero Futuristico "La Trilla" (Montate Aqui Tropical Remix)
Alborosie "La Revolución" (Cumbia Adubada)
Candelaria "No No No"
Dub Spencer & Trance Hill ft. Ken Boothe & Ms. Dynamite "When I Fall In Love"
(Andrés Digital Cumbia Remix)
Jimmy Cliff "Guns Of Brixton" (Kinky Electric Noise Remix)
Alika Y Nueva Alianza "Para Bailar" (El Hijo De La Cumbia Remix)
Bistech ft. Munky "Al Grito De Fiesta"
Jaime Roots "Partido" (Tulio SP)
Hammond Classics "Caribe"
Hammond Classics "Sol Y La Luna"
Hammond Classics "Gartagena"
Djtzinas "Pancho Feel"
Sonido Satanas ft. Brendiva "Amor De Crucero"
Sean Paul "Get Busy" (Remix Cumbia)
Bomba Estéreo "Fuego"
DJ Shotnez ft. Bomba Estéreo "Night Time" (Superpendejos Remix)
Superpendejos "Ya Sta Qi"
All Good Funk Alliance ft. Empresarios "In The Rain"
DJ Farrapo & Yanez ft. Ivete Souza "Avisado"
Shantisan ft. Micheline Cardoso & Stefan Obermaier "Favela Funk"
Paula Lima "Quero Ver Você No Baile"
Tito Puente "Ran Kan Kan" (Thunderball vs. Fort Knox Five Remix)
Omegaman ft. Empresarios "Oye Como Suena"
Morlack "In Brasilia" (Shantisan Re-treat Radio Edit)
Bomba Estéreo "Sintiendo" (Empresarios Dubplate Especial)
Timewarp Inc. ft. Irene & Angelo "Dub Master" (Quasamodo Uptempo Remix)
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers "Egyptian Reggae"
(Mojo Filter Wub Like An Egyptian Edit)
Major Lazer "Watch Out Fi Ska" (Mungo's Hi Fi Remix)
Bibi Tanga & The Selenites "My Heart Is Jumping" (Captain Planet Remix)
Jugoe "Ohio City"

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