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Vibes Promotion 15 February 2019

Vibes Promotion 15 February 2019

We have a new audiocast for your ear´s. This session starts with some fine Reggae tunes. Skank!
Than T-Jah´s brand new music will hit you. He release @ the 1st March 2k19 a new 70 minutes limited Cassette full of unreleased Dubplates, Versions and Remixes in a fine Dubwise Mix. You should order it on Basscomesaveme internet side here: .

Enjoy the massiv dubmusic and check the fine playlist.

VIPR 15.02.2019 OHRWO Vinyllist:
Producer/Artist Tune Label Cat.Nr.

  1. Vibes Promotion Intro-Longfingah
  2. Slave Driver Dub Emmanuel Music
  3. Prince Mohammed Pass the Duchy The Magnum Music Group BMLP041
  4. Prince Far I Bedward the Flying Preacher Sound Boy
  5. Cornell Campell Boxing The Magnum Music Group BMLP041
  6. Dennis Brown ft. Romain Virgo Run The Track VP Records
  7. Doret Meyers One Draw The Magnum Music Group BMLP041
  8. Alborosie Live Counsious
  9. Kuriooki & T-Jah meet Lee Perry – Mystic Man
  10. Dubbing Sun Delivere Me
  11. Dubsteady General
  12. Lancy Rankin Love Jah Original Formula OF7003
  13. Jah Schulz lgs. RasTimbo Silver and Gold
  14. Miniman Back Inna Di Moonshine Recordings MS049
  15. Steve Vibronic Cobalt Dub Yard Cubiculo Records CR12012
  16. Halcyonic& G Roots ft. Junior Dread Moonshine Recordings MS042
  17. Kuriooki & T-Jah meet U Brown – Human Rights
  18. Halcyonic& G Roots ft. Tenor Steppa Holy Dub Lion Charge Rec. LIONCHG022
  19. Jah Warrior lgs. Peter Broggs Lef Babylon and Come WhoDemSound WHODEM028
  20. Jah Warrior lgs. Peter Broggs Lef Babylon Dub WhoDemSound WHODEM028
  21. Pugilist & Mystik Zulu Blues Navy Cut NAVYCUT004
  22. Akcept No Stress Moonshine Recordings MS030
  23. Jack Sparrow Shoal Navy Cut Limited


Vibes Promotion 11th August 2017

Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

Sometimes in live music important. Good music is important and it´s incredible that all over the world musicans gernerate wonderful atmosphere´s and bring fine vibes in the world.

OHRWO´s selection include that music.

You´ll hear reggae from Inna Di Yard, dub and dubstepbasslines by Alpha Steppas, Steinregen Dubsystem, Coki, Paul Fox, Roger Robinson, Soom T, Who Dem Sound, Pugilist, Jay Spaker, Moresounds, Bony Fly lgs. Tawan MC, Green Kings Cuts, Digid & Dubbing Sun, Egoless and many more... Enjoy-->> please share and check the links for support the musicans!

Questions for songs please get in contact with us.


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Vibes Promotion 12th December 2014

Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

Happy X-Mas all over the world.

Watch out for the Dub Minded Riddim by the GuerillJah Productions with new and interested voices like JahJah Man, Rosa Shanti, Tonto Addi, George Palmer, Longfingah and Joseph Blue Grant. And the mighty Dubbing Sun and Lion´s Den Crews for all the fine upcoming releases next year. So check out that podcast and stepping out and going in the next year with vibes and soul. Join it with us and tell about.
Big up to all listeners and supporters!

VP 12.12.2014

Longfingah-Vibespromotion Intro
1. Dubaskm ft. Lidj Xylon and Ras B-“Heartical Stories” Peng Sound!- PENGSOUND005
2.Hardy Digital ft. various Artists-“Minded Riddim Mix”- Guerillajah Productions
3. Dub Dynasty ft. Prince David& Moa Anbessa-”Evil Fi Bun”-Steppas Rec.-ASLP002
4. Dubbing Sun-“Champion”- Dubbing Sun
5. Daddy Freddy-“Hot A Di Press”-Lion´s Den-LIONS001
6. Dubmatix ft. Longfingah-“Liberation(Dr. Bud rmx)”
7. Panda Dub-“Lent Roots Poor Dub”- Lion´s Den-LIONS001
8. Dubbin Sun + Digid-”Champion”-Dubbing Sun
9. Jacky Murda& Tuffist ft. Levi Roots& Michael Rose-“Cool Me Off”-Moonshine Recordings-MS016
10. Dub Dynasty ft. Cian Finn-“Blessings”- Steppas Rec.-ASLP002
11. Radikal Guru ft. Dan Man-„Know Yourself“-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP001
12. Alpha Steppas-“Shinkansen”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.2
13. Mungo´s Hifi ft. Charlie P-“Rules Of The Dance(Kahn rmx)”-Scrub A Dub-SCRUB010
14. Kahn-“Dread”-Deep Medi Musik-medi064
15. Ishan Sound-“Namkha(Kahn rmx)”-Tectonic-Tec077
16. Sherwood& Pinch-“Bring Me Weed”-On U Sound Rec.
17. Kalbata-“Man God”- Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.2
18. Adam Prescott-“Kingdom”- Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.2
19. Dub Dynasty ft. Wellette Seyon – “Bless Ithiopia” – Steppas Rec. – ASLP002
20. Willie Williams – “Burn Fayaa” – Reggae Remidy – RR016
21. Dub Dynasty ft. Mood-“Welcome The Lion On Your Path”- Steppas Rec.-ASLP002
22. Zion Train ft. Jazzmin TVTVM-”Schare The Flame(Radikal Guru rmx”- Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.2
23. Philip Crucial ft. Exile Di Brave-“Rasta´s Luck”-EDB Entertainment*****
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Vibes Promotion 3rd October 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO lgs. gunJAHstYleZ

BASSCOMESAVEME special in that nice Podcast with gunJAHstYleZ and OHRWO together.

We´ve not forgotten to present you this bassfull Podcast. We are proud to present you a mix from the BASSCOMESAVEME blog hoster gunJAHstYleZ in that session. BASSCOMESAVEME is a beatyfull german blog about any bassmusic like Dub, Ragga, Steppers, Dubstep, Jungle, Grime and Garage in german language from Erfurt. The 60 minits mix from gunJAHstYleZ present that universe. OHRWO finished the session with a powerful preview of some next upcoming Dubbing Sun releases. Enjoy the vibe and promote it!

gunJAHstYleZ part:

01 LAS - Your Eyes [Innamind Recordings]
02 Alter Echo & E3 - Nubian Dub [ZamZam Sounds]
03 El Mahdy Jr - Last Deal [ZamZam Sounds]
04 Xoki & Hieronymus - Butter Bridge [ZamZam Sounds]
05 Beam Up - Kick Off [Beaming Productions]
06 Digid feat Junior Dread - Guide Us Trough The Storm [Cubiculo Records]
07 Alpha Steppa - Shaka Satori [Steppas/Trigram]
08 DJ Madd - Unfaithful Version [Lion Charge Records]
09 Killawatt - Killa Inna Jungle [Ruffcut]
10 Alter Echo & E3 - Warning Dub [ZamZam Sounds]
11 The Bug feat Flowdan - The One [Ninja Tune]
12 Hidden Orchestra - Flight (Mungos Hi Fi Remix) [Tru Thoughts]
13 Mungos Hi Fi feat Marina P - Slavery [Scotch Bonnet]
14 Ishan Sound - Namkha (Kahn Remix) [Tectonic]
15 Radikal Guru feat Dan Man - Know Yourself [Moonshine Recordings]
16 Kalbata - Man God [Moonshine Recordings]
17 Dub War & Infra - If Its Not The Police [ZamZam Sounds]

OHRWO part:

01 A Lazy Dub
02 Dubbing Sun + Digid
03 Radikal Guru - Indra
04 Dubbing Sun -  Dread
05 Down South - Cairo
06 Dubbing Sun - Champion
07 White - No Good
08 Wudub!?!
09 Lioncharge 005
10 Lioncharge 008

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Vibes Promotion 05th July 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

Another Vibes Promotion Show with new music for music listener. This time in a Summerjam warmup style. Two hours of finest Reggae, Steppas, Dubstep music. You can listen the new vinyl-release of the DUBMATIX Rebel Massive. One LP with all this big music inside, you should save you a copy. We also proud to present you the new OLD MONK Riddim by GuerillJah Productions inside: And take a look into the long and windy playlist:

01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Stand High Patrol-”East Bond Street”-Stand High Rec-SH004
03. Dubmatix ft. Manchez-“Free UP”-Echo Beach-EB095
04. Dubblestandart ft. Chezere-“Another Life”-Echo Beach-CCT3027-1
05. Dubmatix ft. U Roy & Cornell Campbell-“She´s In Love”-Echo Beach-EB095
06. Stand High Patrol ft. Pupajim-”Another Night”-Stand High Rec-SH004
07. Dubblestandart ft. Marcia Griffiths-“Holding You Close”-Echo Beach-CCT3027-1
08. Love Joy´s -“All I Can Say”-Wackie´s-W2383
09. Dubmatix ft. Tenja-“Can´t Put Us Down”-Echo Beach-EB095
10. Althea and Donna-“The West”-Virgin-FL14
11. Dubmatix ft. Luciano-“Seeds of Love & Live”-Echo Beach-EB095
12. Bunny Wailer-“Who Feels It”-Irlands Rec.-ILPS9512
13. Jimmy Cliff-“My Philosophy”-WEA-99160
14. Cultural Roots-“Thief, Liars, Criminals”-Greensleevs-GREL62
15. Hughie Izachaar-“Cardboard City”- Jah Warrior-JWLP12
16. Dubblestandart ft. AmA-“Slow Motion”-Echo Beach-CCT3027-1
17. Ramon Judah-“Deliver Me (RSD steppa mix)”-Reggaeroast-RR014
18. Dubmatix-“Black Market Dub”-Echo Beach-EB095
19. Stand High Patrol ft. Pupajim-”Rainy City Blues”-Stand High Rec-SH004
20. Dubmatix ft. Longfingah-“Liberation”-Echo Beach-EB095
21. iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft. Longfingah-“Nuff A Dem (aDUBta steppas rmx)”-Stepwise Rec.-SWR001
22. Monkey Jhayam-“Quwima”-Dub Descendants-DD10001
23. Dub Dynasty Meet Ras Tinny-“Free”-Steppas Records-AS0613
24. Dub Dynasty Meet Ras Tinny-“Free Dub”-Steppas Records-AS0613
25. Dubmatix ft. Prince Jazzbo -“Ease Up Pressure”-Echo Beach-EB095
26. “In Your Eyes”-WAR012
27. WAR014
28. Waddadda-“Elders Repix”-Jahtari-JTR002
29. „Chase The Devil“-DUBBY002
30. Qunatum Soul-“Long Time(Ruckspin Rmx)”-QS001
31. “Champion”-RUDEEZ002
32. “Champion Dub”-Sequence Recordings-SEQUENCE001
33. “Poor Man Style“- Off Road Rec.-OFFROAD008
34. Dubmatix ft. Eek-A-Mouse& Loroy”Horsemouth” Wallace-“Pull Up Selector”-Echo Beach-EB095
35. Max Romeao & Eek A Mouse-“No Peace”Powa Cuts-PC003
36. OLD MONK Riddim mega mix lgs Parly B, Longfingah & Steppa Style, Bandulu, Wendy Wonder, Tomawok, Tribuman, Gillus, Sista Zoum by GuerillJah Prod.

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Vibes Promotion 17th May 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

In the new Vibes Promotion podcast you can hear  realy nice and difference stuff.
I can´t discribe the music inside so you must listen. Pure goodnes inside so have a good time!

And this powerfull song by Dactah Chando from Teneriffa alongside iLLBiLLY HiTEC is inside!!!
And many more.

PLAYLIST:  Producer-“Tune”-Label-Catnr.

01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Dubbing Sun-”Chewing Gun Dub”-Dub Descendants-DD10001
03. Ramon Judah & Conscious Sounds-“Deliver Me(RSD´s Dubbed Out mix)”-Reggaeroast-RR014
04. Max Romeo & Eak a Mouse-“No Peace”-Powa Cuts- POWACUTS003
05. Stratgo-“The Fort”-NINC003
06. Sizzla-“Praise Ye Jah(Dubstepmix)”-Whitlabel-BIGUP749
07. Sizzla-“Praise Ye Jah”- Xterminator-XT0001
08. Gentleman-“See Dem Coming”-Four Music-FOR3015
09. YT-“Express Yourself”-Renegade Master & Sativa Rec.-RM004
10. I Wayne-“Lave Ground”-VP Records-VPRL1702
11. The Dynamics-“The Dynamic Sound”-Groove Atttack-GAP107-1
12. The Dynamics-“Girls and Boys”-Groove Atttack-GAP107-1
13. The Dynamics-“7 Nation Army”-Groove Atttack-GAP107-1
14. Dub Spence & Trance Hill ft. William White-“Smoke the Dub(Victor Rice rmx)”-Echo Beach-EB093
15. Dry & Heavy-“Private Plan”-Beat Records
16. Tapes-“Pipe Cleaner(12”mix)”-Jahtari-JTR13
17. Disrupt-“Riddim Grid”-Werkdiscs-WERKLP001
18. Monkey Jhayam-“Queima“-Dub Descendants-DD10001
19. Dub Dynasty ft. N´Goni-“Goodness”- Steppas Records- ASLP001
20. ECU-“Rootsman”- Original Formula-OF7001
21. Dubmatix ft. Longfingah-“Liberation(Dr. Bud rmx)”-unreleased
22. White Mice-“It´s A Shame”-Intelitec Muzik
23. Mankind-“Them A Hustler”-Digikiller
24. Mankind-“Some Girls Wicked & Wild”-Digikiller
25. Conroy Smith-“Murder Commit”-MoBay Records
26. King Kong-“Come Down”-Jah All Mighty
27. iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft. Dacta Chando-“ Manos En El Aire”-Echo Beach092

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Vibes Promotion 26th April 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

The Dub Dynasty (ALPHA STEPPA AND ALPHA & OMEGA) with there very good steppa LP open the podcast for you. The time is changing into the digital sound from the Maffi, Jahtari or Reggae Toy Box Record label, incl. some skanking new stuff of Tapes and Monkey Mark.The Tapes work including a great work with Vernon Mayton´s tune "Old Pon Sound". The vibes going on with more Jammys and some good tune see in the playlist.The last half hour is one more dubstepping flavourite. Have fun!


1. Dub Dynasty ft. Smiley Song-“Dub Dynasty”- Steppas Records- ASLP001
2. Naggo Morris-“Su Su Pon Rasta”-Irie Ites Records-IIEP06
3. Trinity-“Tenemant Yard”- Irie Ites Records-IIEP06
4. Levy Judah-“Rising Of The Sun”-Reggae On Top-ROTLP014
5. John Mouse-“The System”-Vibeguard Recordings-VGR7001
6. Soom T-“Voice Of Dissent”-Renegade Masters-RM002
7. Soom T-“Bring Down The Empire”-Reggae Toy Box Records-RTB004
8. Diegojah-“Big G@nja Spliff”- Reggae Toy Box Records-RTB003
9. Original Kose-“Kokoro No Tomo”- Reggae Toy Box Records-RTB004
10. Tapes ft. Vernon Maytone-“Old Pan Sound”-Jahtari-JTR13
11. Monkey Mark-“Change Is Gunna Come”-Jahtari-JTR14
12. Tapes-“Pipe Cleaner”-Jahtari-JTR13
13. Solo Banton-“No”-Maffi-JTR7-07
14. White Mice-“Youths Of Today”-Intelitec Muzik
15. White Mice-“Try A Thing”-Intelitec Muzik
16. White Mice-“It´s A Shame”-Intelitec Muzik
17. Power Man-“Working For God”-Jammy$ Records
18. Gregory Isaacs-“No Matter”-Jammy$ Records
19. Black Uhuru-“I Love King Selessie”-Jammy$ Records
20. Clive Hunt, Joe Aksumite, Mikey Laing-“We Three Kings“-Azul
21. Dry & Heavy – “Down Breaking” – Beat Records – GTT003
22. Resonators-“Mandrake”-Wah Wah 45s-WAH7035
23. Damian Marly, Junaior Reid & Nas-“Ancient People”-BOOM 7
24. Dubbin Sun-“King Of Sound & Blues”-Dubplate-DBPLT001
25. DJ Madd vs Horace Andy-“Cus Cus (TMSV rmx)”-Moonshine Recordings-MS011
26. Dreadzone-“Gangster(Trolley Snatcha mix)”-Dubwiser-DUB002
27. Kryptic Minds-„Badman Vip“-Osiris Music-OSMUK002
28. Kahn-“Dread”-Deep Medi Musik-Medi-64
29. Pawn&Emu ft. Werd2jah-“Know Ya Self”-SMOG-SMOG006
30. Xtrah-“Soundclash”-Critcal-CRIT067
31. Dubmatix ft. Longfingah-“Liberation(Dr. Bud rmx)”
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Vibes Promotion 1st March 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

Dub and skank by OHRWO is in this Vibes Promotion podcast. Starting with the brand new RSD remix of the iLLBiLLY HiTEC HIT ft. Lady N and Longfingah "State of Emergency" (see below) and the new 7" (releasedate coming soon) by the Dubbing Sun Records. With lovly dubmusic by artist like Lee Perry, Zion Train, Disrupt, Jah Jaka, Dub Syndicate and Dubbelstandart its going on.
Horce Andy starts the voicepart of the set. Skanking but deep roots artist like Ras Midias, Rod Tayler, Mickey Simpson, Flick Wilson, Clive Matthews, Trevor Byfield, Paul Sinclair, Keithus I and TA-Teacher Love remember to early time. At last the heavy Stop That Sound riddim by Irie Ites alongside Sizzla, Deadly Hunta, Gerneral Levy, Lutan Fyah and Spectacular.

iLLBiLLY HiTEC - State Of Emergency feat. Longfingah & Lady N (Rob Smith aka RSD Dub Version) by Echo Beach lifefidelity

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Vibes Promotion 04th January 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

Dubbing Sun productions beginn the this new podcast. The original 7" vinylrelease comming soon, so watch out for this fine dubby music. The rest is a deep & heavy industrial steel dubstepmusicset from black vinyl releases. The powerful music let the membranes dance, look and feel it.


01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Dubbing Sun-“King Of Sound & Blues”-7” Preview
03. Egoless-“Before Dub”-Lo Dubs-LODUBS024
04. Dubbing Sun-“Deliver Me”-7” Preview
05. Dub Dynasty & Cian Finn-“9 Years Dub”-Moonshine Steppas-MSS002
06. Noah D-“Hotta”-Subway-SUBWAY006
07. Sukh Knight-“Jinglist”-True Tiger-TTR012
08. RED008
09. Sukh Knight-“Ganja Dub”-True Tiger-TTR016
10. Rob Sparx-“Replicant”-Z Audio Records-ZAUDIO016
11. Sukh Night-“Diesel Not Patrol(Noha D rmx)”-True Tiger-TTR019
12. Noah D & No Thing-“Unknown Susbect”-Subway-SUBWAY006
11. Shandy-“Doom”-True Tiger-TTR019
12. Silkie-“Wonder”-Deep Medi-MEDI036
13. Sukh Night-“Born Invincible” True Tiger-TTR012
14. Zed Bias-“Neighbourhood(Chimpo rmx)”-Sidestepper Recordings-SDSTPR005
15. Suspicious Stench-“Masterblaster”-Bovinyl Moosick-MOO001
16. RSD ft. Ricky Ranking-“Dancehall Rock”-Moonshine Recordings-MS010
17. ?-“Cohaagen”- Compound One-CMPD003
18. Gemmy-“Wata Down Sound”-Planet Mu Records-ZIQ230
19. ?-“Get Scared”-Compound One-CMP003
20. Elemental+3D-“Sirens(Elemental 07 refix)”-Runtime002
21. Jakes-“Rock Tha Bells”-Hench-HENCH007
22. Trick Or Treat-“Hype Funk”-Sludge Rec.-SR015
23. 16 Bit-“Dinosaurs”-mta Rec.-MAT008
24. ROT002
25. 16 Bit-“Boston Cream“mta Rec.-MAT008
26. Rusko-“Cockney Thug”-‘Sub Soldiers-SUBSOL002
27. Persist-“Automatic”-No Comply-NCOMP005
28.Toy Boy-“And Fire Like This”-Sozialistischer Plattenbau-SPB12013

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