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Vibes Promotion on March 4th 2016

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

From Reggae to Dub, Dubstep,
Drumstep, Drum & Bass and 150bpm Jungle.


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Gentleman's Dub Club "See Them"
Gentleman's Dub Club "Music Is The Girl I Love"
Gentleman's Dub Club "Bad Girl"
Gentleman's Dub Club "Pressure"
Gentleman's Dub Club "Enter The Chamber"
Tippa Irie & Peppery "Humanity"
YT "In The Streets"
Lion Art "Legalize It"
Friendly Fire Band "Legalize Dub"
Inés Pardo "That Old Luke's Smile"
Earl Sixteen "Milk & Honey"
Ranking Forrest "Rub A Dub Style Is The Best"
Roberto Sánchez "Give Me The Rub A Dub"
Guive & Lone Ranger "New Start" (Dub Riddim Version)
Guive & Lone Ranger "New Start" (Reggae Version)
Manasseh ft. Bob Skeng "Dancehall Something"
Manasseh ft. Bob Skeng "Dancehall Something Dub"
Blue Hill ft. Lutan Fyah "Get Out" (Lost City JNGL Remix)
Truth ft. Ill Chill "Undeniable" (Lost City Remix)
M-Beat ft. General Levy "Incredible" (Galvatron Remix)
Numa Crew "Congo Dread"
Numa Crew ft. Robert Dallas & Petah Sunday "Impossible" (Serum Remix)
Fokus "Danger"
General Levy "The General" (Ed Solo Remix)
Gentlemans Dub Club ft. Natty "One Night Only" (Phibes Remix)
Bob Marley "No Woman No Cry" (FLeCK Remix)
U-Stone & Viniselecta "What Junglist Play"
U-Stone & Viniselecta "Peace & Harmony"
Fokus "Sonder"
Choepak Dubs ft. Shaman Dubs & Interrupt "England Riddim"
Congo Natty "Get Ready" (VIP Dub - Sukh Knight Remix)
Adam Prescott "Kingdom"
Sun Collective "Iron Clash"
Dubbing Sun & Digid ft. Sister Rasheda "Shashamane I"
J.Robinson & Who Dem Sound meets King Kobra "Jah Wise"
J. Robinson & WhoDemSound "Promised Land"
J. Robinson & WhoDemSound ft. Earl Sixteen "Rastaman"
Joe Ariwa "Youthman Dub"
Lionpulse "Bad Days Are Gone"
Ras Demo "Rule Your Destiny"
Earl Sixteen "Masterplan" (Dub Version)
Ras Seven "Mus A Lion"
Equal Brothers "Muzikal Ben" (Dub Version)
Dub Club ft. Welton Irie "Chant Down Babylon"
Dub Club ft. Tippa Lee "Rootsman Party"

Listen to Vibes Promotion live: every friday at 8 PM CET on