Vibes Promotion 22nd May 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

After a heavy introduce by the great Lion Charge Records with Soundcontrol, Killawatt & Ipman. OHRWO drop a 8track-dubmix by new rereleased Disciples double LP from the 1999, that sound ist strickly heavy dub that we love so.

Than let the bassline speak with Killawatt, Ipman, Kaiju, Kahn, Alpha Steppa and Sound Control   -goody alert-
Later OHRWO check the beautifull 10" from Berlins One Drop Label with Aldubb, Dubmatix& Illbilly Hitec ft. Longfingah & Lengualerta. Big Big Big.

Dis Side Ah Town from Roger Robinson and the Maffi Killah Tape lgs Junior Roy and Sammy Gold @ the great JAHTARI label closed this massiv radio cut and the exclusiv Roots and Culure birthday session. Load,listen carefully and promote!

The Vinyllist:


1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. Sound Control-“Electrocution Dub(VIP Mix)”-Lion Charge-LIONCHG7001
3. Killawatt&Ipman-“Warehouse Dub”-Lion Charge-LIONCHAGE001
4. Ishan Sound-“Wickedness”-Peng Sound Rec.-PENGSOUND006
5. Disciples-“OHRWO 8tracksmix”-ZamZam and Khaliphonic- Khaliphonic02
6. Unknown-Whitelabel-TheMostHigh001
7. Kaiju-“Justice”-Deep Medi Musik- MEDI086
8. Killawatt&Ipman-“Single Entity”-Lion Charge-LIONCHAGE001
9. Kahn-“”Abattoir”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI83
10. D-Operration Drop ft. Idren Natural-“Rockin´Da Nation (Sound Control Rmx)”-Lion Charge-LIONCHG7001
11. Alpha Steppa meets Don Fe-“Reality Check”-Steppa Rec.-AS1114
12. Aldubb, Dubmatix& Illbilly Hitec ft. Longfingah & Lengualerta-“Essential”-OD023
13. Roger Robinson-“Dis Side Ah Town”-JahtariJTRLP007
14. Maffi ft. Sammy Gold-“Money Can´t Buy Life”-Jahtari-JTRLP005
15. Maffi ft. Junior Roy-“Tuff Like We”-Jahtari-JTR17
16. Maffi-“Tuff Like We Version”-Jahtari-JTR17



Vibes Promotion 8th May 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

Next easy session with many nice reggae, dub and grimy vinyldrops. Something about ganja, niceness and music.

load,listen carefully and promote



Vibes Promotion on May 15th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

From Raggamuffin Hip Hop and Mash Ups
to Dubwise Drum & Bass and Ragga Jungle.


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Dub Pistols "Big World"
Mike Zoot ft. Labba "Spread Love"
TEK a.k.a. Smokey Lah "All Massive"
Smif 'N' Wessun "Sound Bwoy Burrial" (Re-Edit)
Afu-Ra ft. Cocoa Brovas & Jahdan "D&D Soundclash"
Krumb Snatcha "King Of All Kings"
Murs "Badman"
DJ Wood vs. Fugees "Ready Or Not" (Wood 'n' Soo Remix)
JStar "Royal Busy Zion"
Titan Sound vs. Foxy Brown "Billy Oh"
Manu Chao "La Primavera" (DJ Yamin Remix)
Reimo ft. Yaniss Odua "Lions In This Game"
Kenyon ft. DJ Netik "K.E.N.Y.O.N."
KRS ONE "9mm" (Ugly Lovely Remix - Wick-it VIP)
Junior Murvin "Police & Thieves" (Jahdubtahz & Schlusenbaker Remix)
Stickybuds "Don't Deny It"
JFB "Five On It"
Lost City vs. Shabba Ranks "Ting A Ling" (Remix)
Slynk "Bad Duppy Walk"
Benny Page ft. Richie Loop "Hot Body Gal" (J Bostron Remix)
DP & Promenade "Party People"
Mooncat "War Ina Babylon"
Unknown vs. Damian Marley "Welcome To Jamrock"
Visionary "She Makes Me Feel" (Division One VIP Mix)
Benny Page "Turn Down the Lights"
Deliman ft. Dossa "Rock A Dub"
Kenny Ken "Murder You" (Stickbubbly Remix)
M-Beat ft. General Levy "Incredible General" (Slynk Remix)
Numa Crew ft. Dub FX "Bass Hater"
DJ Madd "Every Little Thing"
Lost City "Run It"
The Count & Sinden "Strange Things" (Club Edit)
Serum & Northern Lights ft. Dee Bo General "Dont Let Go" (J Bostron Remix)

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Vibes Promotion on May 1st 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

I'm in the mood for Ska!
From early jamaican classics to fresh ska tunes
of recent years.

Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Lord Tanamo "I'm In The Mood For Ska"
Alton Ellis & The Flames "Dance Crasher"
Prince Buster "Madness"
The Maytals "Monkey Man"
Ken Boothe "Freedom Street"
The Pioneers "Long Shot Kick De Bucket"
Lee Perry & The Soulettes "Doctor Dick"
Lee Perry "What a Good Woodman"
The Baba Brooks Band "Watermelon Man"
Ken Boothe "In The Summertime"
Lloyd Clarke "Summer Time"
Lord Creator "Golden Love"
Lord Creator "Kingston Town"
Dandy Livingston "Rudie, A Message To You"
The Spanishtonians "Rudie Gets Plenty"
The Maytals "It's You"
Derrick Morgan "Blazing Fire"
Justin Hinds "Carry Go Bring Come"
Bob Marley & The Wailers "Simmer Down"
Jimmy Cliff "Miss Jamaica"
Tommy McCook & The Skatalites "Silver Dollar"
Dub Pistols "Cyclone"
Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought ft. Darrison "Life Gets Better"
Black Grass ft.Benjammin' "Bass Man"
Turntable Dubbers & Sebski ft. Top Cat "I Like Your Style" (Dreadsquad Remix)
Dreadsquad ft. Gardna & Keziah "Keep It Unreal"
Dreadsquad ft. Perfect "Reggae Music"
Dreadsquad ft. General Levy "Choo Choo Train"
Dreadsquad ft. Lady Chann "Money A Dem God"
Dreadsquad ft. Million Stylez "Mind Travelling"
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Ranking Joe "I Love Jah"
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Ras Daniel Ray "Olympic"
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. MC Ishu "Belly Ska"
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Marina P "Divorce à l'italienne"
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Nafees "A Few Screws Loose"
Zion Train "Follow Like Wolves"
Taiwan MC "Nuska" (Le Yan, Tomapam et Skoob Le Roi Nuskamino Remix)
Major Lazer "Watch Out Fi Ska" (Mungo's Hi Fi Remix)
Mr. Bird "Cenora Com Noz" (Savages Y Suefo Remix)
Dub Pistols ft. Terry Hall "Running From The Thoughts"
Tenor Fly "Bright Side Of Life"

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