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Vibes Promotion 05th October 2018

Vibes Promotion 05th October 2018

OHRWO got a dope tip from The Monotrones. The Monotrones is a culinary music project. It mixes dub and reggae with a sprinkling of spicy bass, finished off with a pinch of punk and get some memories to Jahtari sound. You can also the big Roger Robinson and so on in the universe.

Later you can listen finest reggaemusic. Blaze.

VIPR 05.10.2018 OHRWO Vinyllist:
Producer/Artist Tune Label Cat.Nr.

  1. Vibes Promotion Intro-Longfingah
  2. Sly&Robbie ft. Junior Natural Militant Music On Vinyl
  3. The Monotrones Return of a Spacecowboy Soujus001
  4. The Monotrones Soujus31 Soujus001
  5. The Monotrones ft. Rapha Gett Jonny Soujus001
  6. The Monotrones Zuckerfee Soujus001
  7. Roger Robinson Flowers Jahtari JTRLP10
  8. The Monotrones M.s.i.d.S Soujus001
  9. John Frum Healing Dub Jahtari JTRLP04
  10. Tippa Irie Universal Love 4Weed Records 4WDV007
  11. Petah Sunday ft. Lion Warriah Nuff Melody 4Weed Records 4WDV007
  12. Micah Shemaiah For Everyone Rebelmaiaq Sound RBMDQ006
  13. Keida Reggae On My Radio Rebelmaiaq Sound RBMDQ006
  14. O.B.F & Charlie P My Introduction Dubquake Records DBQKLP02
  15. Kiko Bun ft. Dre Island Alipanga Lion Vibes LVEP101
  16. Protoje ft. Mortimer Protection Mr Bongo MRB7132
  17. Gentleman&Konshens Make it play Irievibration Records
  18. Anthony B Dem A Vampire Irievibration Records
  19. Alexx A-Game Step inna the place Irievibration Records
  20. Protoje Bloody Money Mr Bongo MRB7132
  21. Alborosie Rock the Dancehall Dub Rockers VPS9277
  22. Eek-A-Mouse Ganja Smuggling Greensleevs GRE0904
  23. Trinity Gambler Heavyweight Station HS7001
  24. Jacob Miller Baby I Love You So VPGS7038
  25. Linval Thompson Jah Jah Is The Conqueror Gorgan GOR221
  26. Cornell Campebell The Gorgon Jamaican Recordings JR7029
  27. Bim Sherman lgs. Mungos Hifi Lightning & Thunder Scotch Bonnet SCOB067
  28. Mungos Hifi Thunderclap Dub Scotch Bonnet SCOB067


Vibes Promotion 21st September 2018

Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

Another time in a unique soundversum with wounderfull music created of the tuffest producer and artist, right now.
A spotlight are taken of the Who Dem Sound Label by J. Robinson with the roaring lion, every release is a mighty and great.
The next tip is the beautyfull Cubiculo Records label with the brand new Vibronics release called African Stone EP with mad steppa/dub raving sounds.

After that dub and steppa part, OHRWO played some digital reggae music you´ll like it.

The last part is a big dubstep part, that part is also seperat available at the plattform for all Dubstep fans. See below the playlist!

So enjoy that wonderfull podcast. Share it with your friends and have a good time!

VIPR 21.09.2018 OHRWO Vinyllist:
Producer/Artist Tune Label Cat.Nr.

  1. Vibes Promotion Intro-Longfingah
  2. Eastern Roots meets Idavid Freedom Fighters Dub Mix System Music SYSTM023
  3. J. Robinson ft. Jah Mirikle Hold Tight WhoDemSound WHODEM24
  4. J. Robinson ft. Don Fe Flure Step WhoDemSound WHODEM24
  5. Bush Chemists Earth Rockers Partial Records PARTL7058
  6. Alpha & Omega ft. Paul Fox Freedom Fighters (Ojah rmx) Alchemy Dubs ALDBS7005
  7. Vibronics 2018 Serpentine Mix Cubiculo Records CR12012
  8. Alpha & Omega Freedom (Ojah rmx) Alchemy Dubs ALDBS7005
  9. Vibronics Opal Dub Cubiculo Records CR12012
  10. King General Joker Smoker Partial Records PRTL7059
  11. Madoo Fever Cubiculo Records Jazz111LP/CRRP001
  12. Mr. Benn & Parly B Session Cork Nice UP! NUP056
  13. Havanna meets Kingston ft. Aza Lineage & Birdz-I In The Ghetto ??
  14. ??? WAR020
  15. Akcept Night Crawler Artikal Music Uk ARKTL034
  16. Distinct Motive Worthy Navy Cut 005
  17. ???CVWL001
  18. Distinct Motive King Navy Cut 005
  19. Prism & Saule Growth Stronger Gourmet Beats GB018
  20. Sepia PROMO Wheel and Deal WHEELYDEALY059
  21. Saule Backwards Gourmet Beats GB018
  22. Sepia PROMO Wheel and Deal WHEELYDEALY059
  23. E3 Breaks Backroads Nomine Sounds NS010
  24. ???CVWL001
  25. JFO Elevation Dream Eater 004
  26. Om Unit Tahatan (O$VMV$MV redux) Cosmic Bridge Records. CBR029
  27. Maltin Worf Rock On Defrostatica DICA007
  28. Om Unit ft. Rider Shafique Nothing (Sorrow rmx) Cosmic Bridge Records. CBR029
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Full podcast DL:


Vibes Promotion 08th September 2017

Vibes Promotion with Chamelion and OHRWO

The mighty Chamelion start that Vibes Promotion session with big Dub and Steppa hits. Than Chamelion feature some Disrupt tunes and the great Monkey Marc tune called "No Surrender" longside Capleton, Sizzla and Fanan Mojah, later you will hear more UK-Dancehall stuff lgs. Mr. William, Daddy Freddy& Blackout JA. @56:40h there is the brand new 7" release by Jane Bee on the Wild East Recordlabel.  After big 60 minits OHRWO take over with more Reggae music.
Enjoy the music, share and load it.

Questions for songs please get in contact with us.


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Vibes Promotion 09th June 2017

Vibes Promotion with Bobby and OHRWO

Dancehall nice again is the anthem in that great Vibes Promotion Podcast.

The reason is a weighty set -> mixed by Bobby.

Bobby is active in many areas to support Caribbean music in all facets. At dancehall events with the Phonatics Sound he levels the vibes as MC and in the Team All You Can Beat he shows skills as a massiv party DJ. Something of that can be heard now in the next 45 minits in a 80/90´s Dancehall record with many goodies. Watch out for the next Phonatics dances and Team All You Can Beat Parties in your area, it is a MUST!

The dubbist OHRWO try to honor that huge age of music with more Digital Dancehall music straight from vinyl. ----->>>>
Enjoy that music loud.

VIPR 09.06.2017 Playlist lgs.  Bobby (Phonatics/Team All You Can Beat)

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. B-No-“Sad Riddim”-Cubiculo Records-CR12006

Bobby´s Dancehallpart:

3. Jah Paradise - Super Cat
4. Try A Thing - Cocoa Tea
5. Works - Tiger
6. I'm A Don - Pinchers
7. Live Blanket - Shabba Ranks
8. Kill Dem Wid It - Admiral Bailey
9. Original Kuff - Chaka Demus
10. Level The Vibes - Half Pint
11. Dancehall Posse - Conroy Smith
12. Code Of Conduct - Josey Wales
13. Dance Hall Style - Frankie Paul
14. Golden Hen - Tenor Saw
15. Greetings (Phonatics Dubplate) - Half Pint
16. Feel The Rydim - Sugar Minott
17. Bummy Bummy - Little John
18. What A Bubbling - Little John
19. Bam Bam - Tiger
20. Jump Up - Admiral Bailey
21. Whinning Skill - Reggie Stepper
22. People Are You Ready - Johnny Osbourne
23. No Ice Cream Sound - Johnny Osbourne
24. Under Mi Sleng Teng - Wayne Smith
25. Pumpkin Belly - Tenor Saw
26. Hey Bobby - Cocoa Tea
27. Must Love Reggae - Shabba Ranks
28. Big Belly Man - Admiral Bailey
29. Boops! - Super Cat
30. Sit Down Pon It – Super Cat
31. Miami Vice - Charlie Chaplin
32. Brother Love - Half Pint
33. Clarks Booty - Little John
34. Girlie Girlie - Tonto Irie
35. Cabin Stabbin (Hip Hop Mix) - Super Cat, Junior Cat, Junior Demus And Nicodemus

OHRWO Part Vinyllist:

36. Witty-“Version”-WITTY-MM203
37. Nicodemus-“Eearth & Moon”-WITTY-MM201
38. Tony Tuff-“Cool It”-WITTY-MM203
39. Echo Minott-“Follow Me”-WITTY-MM064
40. Tenor Saw-“Run From Progress”-Penthouse
41. Mankind-“Them A Hustler”-MAN KIND
42. White Mice-“Youth Of Today”-Intelitec Muzik-BRWM-2
43. Barrington Ley-“Strictly Rockers”-Live& Learn Records-LL LP 031
44. Jah Screechy-“Love We A Deal With”-Jahtari-JRTLP06
45. Pad Anthony-“Come Again”-Pure Niceness Records-PNR7-001
46. Interupt& Tenor Youthman-”We Rule The Dance”-Reggae Roast Records-RR028
47. Solo Banton-“No”-Maffi-JTR-07
48. Speng Bond-“White Horse”-Maffi-JTR-9
49. Solo Banton& Trevor Irie-“Dancehall Nice Again”-Maffi-JTR-08
50. Junior Cat-“See Di Bobo Dread”-Colonel Mustards-CM03
51. Reverend Danny Dread-“Chatty Mouth Defeat”-Colonel Mustards-CM04
52. Face& Sheenyboo-“Dangerous”-Colonel Mustards-CM02
53. Junior Roy-“Tuff Like We”-Jahtari-JRT17
54. Hepton Lindo-“Rude Boy”-Maffi-JRT-05
55. Asher Senator-“Asher Senator”- Jahtari-JRT17
56. Ranking Levy-“Mad Man Style”-JTRLP04
57. Mr. Williamz-“Musicaly Mad”-Scotch Bonnet”-SCOBLP002
58. Mungo´s Hifi lgs. Tippa Irie-“Ruff Mi Tuff”- Scotch Bonnet-SCOBLP001
59. Buju Banton-“Pelpit“-Gargamel Music
60. Spragga Benz-“Analogy“-Rookie Production
61. Lexus aka Mr. Lex-“Bounce A Gal”-Platinum-PL07
62. Reddog-“Accusi Se Cresce”-Torreggae
63. Bom Buzz&Reddog-“Raggamuffin Soldiers”-Torreggae


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Vibes Promotion 28th October 2016

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

OHRWO play some new& big vinyl releases of the last month in that podcast. Get in with Dub, Reggae, Stepper, Dubstep, Grime and Digital Dancehallmusic of big labels. Look to the vinyllist and get happy and in touch with the music Bless.

VIPR 28.10.2016 Vinyllist

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. Alpha Steppa meets Ras Tinny-“Refugees Dub”-Alpha&Omega-A&O2016
3. Dree Island-“Live Forever“-Natural High Music-NHM7001
4. J. Armond –B. Davis-“Live Forever Dub”- Natural High Music-NHM7001
5. Longfinah meets Maxi Roots-“Jah Bless”-Guerill Jah Productions-GP008
6. Dubble ft Earl 16-“Sign Of The Times”-Dub Tunnel Records-DT004
7. Bukkah ft. Junior Dread-“Guns and Fiyah”-Dub Stuy Records-DS-SP004
8. Dubble-“Hurachi”- Dub Tunnel Records-DT004
9. Bukkha-”Cocaine Dub”- Dub Stuy Records-DS-SP004
10. Von D-“Analog Sound”-Scrub A Dub-SCRUB014
11. Mesck-“BADFUTURE”-Gourmet Beats-GB007
12. Egoless-“Bubble Beat”- Scrub A Dub-SCRUB014
13. Whitelabel-BS004
14. J:Kenzo-“Battlefield”-Arktikal-ARTKL025
15. Tremble-“BWOY”-TRSK002
16. J:Kenzo-“Zbantu Shake”-Arktikal-ARTKL025
17. Kadet P-“Alcaravan”-VVONE
18. Compa ft.Blend Mishkin& Roots Evolution-“Hol Dem Dem Dub”-NUP023
19. Sir Spyro-Tekkers-”Topper Top Instrumental”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI095
20. Whitelabel-BS004
21. Blend Mishkin& Roots Evolution ft. Gappy Ranks-“Hol Dem Dem (Compa rmx)”-NUP023
22. Sir Spyro ft. Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chan and Killa P-”Topper Top”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI095
23. Chimpo ft. Trigga and Fox-“Ram Dance Man”-Exit Records-EXIT069
24. Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Charlie P-“Rules Of The Dance”-Scrub A Dub-SCRUB010
25. Asher Senator-“To Whom Respect Is Due(Jahtari rmx)”-Nice Up!-NUPFADLP01
26. Pad Anthony-“Come Again”-Pure Niceness Records-PNR7-001
27. Tonto Irie-“No Friend Fi Dem”-Cubicolo Records-CR7005


Thanks for feedback.
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Vibes Promotion 9th September 2016

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with Chamelion and OHRWO

In that podcast we host a next fine music addicted selecta called Chamelion from Dresden. On you wait 90 minits bautiful music of reggae, dub, digital and steppa in a hopeful way. So enter the world of dynamic bassline´s and find the way..

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Thanks for the feedback.


Vibes Promotion on July 8th 2016 - 10th Anniversary Showcases - Live Recording

Vibes Promotion 10th Anniversary Showcases

On June 24th we celebrated 10 years of Vibes Promotion at the Sabotage Dresden.
One of the highlights of the evening was the live showcase with
Longfingah and Tonto Addi on the mic, Hardy Digital and Concrete Pressure at the controls.

Now you can listen to the whole session in this podcast.
Its live, its ruff and its bassfull!


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Vibes Promotion on January 29th 2016

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

This show with lots of Digital Reggae and UK Roots.


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Pupa Jim "Mr. Bossman"
Pupa Jim "Mr. Bossman Dub"
Stand High Patrol & Stepart ft. Pupa Jim "Another Night"
Jahtari ft. Pupa Jim "International Farmer"
Disrupt ft. Soom T "Puff That Weed"
Rootah ft. African Simba "Alternative Power"
Jahtari ft. Mikey Murka "Sweeter"
Rootah ft. Mikey Murka "Get It Already"
Dub Terminator & High Frequency ft. Peppery "Rise Above It"
The Overproof Soundsystem "Commander & Chief"
Frenchie ft. Captain Sinbad "World Wide Rebellion"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Afrikan Simba & Dixie Peach "Leave The Oil Alone"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Charlie P "Skidip It Up"
Mungo's HiFi "Skidip It Up Dub"
Steppa Style ft. Solo Banton "Digital"
Smerians Anti Social Club "Doctor Who" (Riddim Version)
Smerians Anti Social Club ft. Tenor Fly "Doctor Who"
Kanka ft. Biga Ranx "Dub Attack"
KPC ft. Solo Banton "Heart And Soul Ruff"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Daddy Freddy "Dread Inna Armagideon"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Daddy Scotty "Wicked Tings A Gwaan"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Mr.Williamz "Computer Age"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Sister Carol "Culture Mi Vote"
KPC "Gone A Town" (Riddim Version)
KPC ft. Joseph Cotton "Gone A Town"
Subactive "Dub The Frontline"
Subactive ft.El Fata "Rocking In The Frontline"
Subactive ft.Ranking Levy "Brixton Frontline"
Horseman & Prince Fatty "Reality Time"
Horseman & Prince Fatty ft. Winston Reedy "Ghetto"
Disrupt ft. Solo Banton "Kung Fu Master"
Jahtari ft. El Fata "El Fata Ina The Dancehall"
Damalistik ft. Deadly Hunter "Ghetto Youth Ina Danger"
Damalistik ft. Solo Banton & Donovan Kingjay "Babylon Time"
Damalistik ft.YT "Leave I Alone"
TJ (aka. Likkle Briggy) ft. Exile di Brave & Infinite "Original"
Marshall Neeko "Come Inna The Dubwise"
Marshall Neeko ft. Murray Man "Come Inna The Dancehall"
Kris Kemist ft. Speng Bond "Cut Backs"
Maffi "Rihanna Riddim"
Maffi ft. Junior Roy "Tuff Like We"
Maffi "Tuff Like We" (Riddim Version)
Maffi ft. Asher Senator "The Senator"

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Vibes Promotion on August 28th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

We have lots of new tunes for you in this show!

Starting with Treesha's "We need love" ft. Denham Smith from her solo debut "Listen". A solid reggae tune with a positive message just how I like it.
"Fred" ft. Jami Dread - a different interpretation of the Take A Ride riddim from Don Goliaths new album "Digikal To The World Vol.2".

Two great Dub Terminator remixes take us from digital reggae to dub.
I love his "Sound Of The Police" remix and Numa Crew's "Roots And Culture" remix is just as big.
Huge Stepper!

In the second half it gets even deeper and more dubby with
the new Dubbing Sun release "Soon Come" alongside Bunnington Judah and Full Dub;
great remixes from Double Tiger on the Dubvault series by Dub-Stuy Records;
a few tunes from the upcoming TVS album "Deep Steppaz Dub"
and  ending the session with new dub techno from Biodub's new album "Familiar Warmth".


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Treesha ft. Denham Smith "We need love"
Sweetie Irie "Rebel Whit A Cause"
Gappy Ranks ft. Nereus Joseph "Soul Rebel"
Alific ft. Stick Figure "Under Arrest"
Busy Signal "Nah Go A Chail Again" (Bad Boys Remix)
Mark Morrison "Return Of The Mack" (Bad Boys Remix)
Elly Ess ft. Vybz Kartel & Jim Jones "Bad Boy"
Don Goliath ft. Jami Dread "Fred"
Louie Culture "Judgment Fi Babylon" (Dub Terminator Remix)
Dub Terminator "Sound Of The Police"
Mickey Dread "Roots And Culture" (Numa Crew Remix)
Sylford Walker "Babylonians" (Double Tiger Refix)
Dubamine "Legend"
JahYu "Chuno Kinte"
Aswad "Warrior Charge" (Double Tiger Recut)
Hardy Digital ft Sammy Gold "Perilous Time" (Dub Version)
Hardy Digital ft Sammy Gold "Perilous Time"
Vibronics " Deep Root Dub"
Vibration Lab "Created By The Father"
Bunnington Judah meets Dubbing Sun & FullDub "Time Soon Come"
Bunnington Judah meets Dubbing Sun & FullDub "Time Soon Dub"
King General & Centry "Long Long Time"
Dubvisionist "Rootz Warrior Dub"
Warrior King "Rootz Warrior"
Bionic Clarke "Rough Old Life"
TVS "Dubvendor Dub"
TVS "Jam Rock Dub"
TVS "Rollin Stoned"
Biodub "Familiar Warmth"
Biodub "Turquoise Blue"
Biodub "Ear Traffic Control"
Biodub "Unite"

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Vibes Promotion on February 20th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

More fresh releases in this show.
Like the new Digitalizer Riddim by Radikal Guru on Moonshine Recordings and the new Heavenless Riddim Selection by Liondub & Adam Prescott.
Also new Jungle tracks by Liondub International, Ed Solo & Darrison and the great Turntable Dubbers Remix of Max RubaDub's new tune "Rub-A-Dub A Rule".
We finish the show with some mash ups and remixes.


Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Egoless "Guiding Star" ( Dub Cut 1 )
Radikal Guru ft. YT "Stay Calm"
Radikal Guru ft.El Fata "Get Up"
Radikal Guru ft. Cian Finn "Sound System"
Sugar Minott "Soundboy Killing
Johnny Osbourne "Dubplate Medley"
Pad Anthony "Murder"
Jr Dangerous "Catch A Fire"
Ranking Joe "Ganja Pipe"
Echo & Prince Livijah "Here Comes The Herbsman"
Afrikan Simba "Free Up The Herb"
Honorebel "Real Hustler Way"
John Junior "Back Door Deal"
Alborosie "Poser"
The Bush Chemists ft. King General "Money Run Tings"
The Bush Chemists ft. King General "Gunman"
YT "Visa"
Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel & Pinchers "Mr Collie Riddim RFX" (DCMJr Maffi Riddim)
Dreadsquad ft. Natalie Storm "Beat That Chest" (Jstar Remix)
Mr Dero & Jstar ft. Farina Miss "Ten Feet Tall" (Jstar version)
Mr Dero & Jstar ft. Farina Miss "Ten Feet Tall" (Joe Ariwa vs Mad Professor Dub Mix)
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Warrior Queen "Can't Stand It" (FLeCK Remix)
General Levy "Professional Ganja Smoker" (Serial Killaz Remix)
Nico D & Turbulence "Inna Mi Draw" (Serial Killaz remix)
Ed Solo ft. Darrison "Rinse Out Proper"
Ed Solo ft. Elijah MC "Ruffneck" (2014 DnB Mix)
Deekline "Alibaba"
Deekline "Still Passin"
Deekline "Tempo"
Max RubaDub ft. Dark Angel "Rub-A-Dub A Rule" (Turntable Dubbers Remix)
Benny Page ft. Richie Loop "Hot Body Gal" (J Bostron remix)
Sammy Dread, J Bostron & Tricky D "M16 (J Bostron DnB Remix)
Daddy Freddy & Isaac Maya "Original Jungle Sound" (Marcus Visionary Remix)
Marcus Visionary ft. Johnny Osbourne "Jungle Skanking"
Marcus Visionary ft. Ranking Joe "Ram Dance Selecta"
Numa Crew ft. Dub FX "Bass Hater"
Busta Rhymes "Woo-Hah!!" (AfroQBen Remix)
Bob Marley "Soul Rebel" (Deejay Theory 70th Bday Edit)
De La Soul "Stakes Is High" (Maars Reggae Re-Fix)
Basement Freaks "A Life For Dat Sweet Ting"
AfroQBen "Put Down The Gun"
Seeed vs. Stickybuds vs. Noiseshaper "Dickes B" (Afro Q Blend)
Method Man & Redman vs. Inner Circle "How High Pt.2" (iLLBiLLY HiTEC Mashup)
Jstar & Mahala Rai Banda & Nas "Balkan Nas"

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Vibes Promotion 2nd January 2015

Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

Bless Up 2015!

In the first Podcast this year you´ll hear many digtial reggae from labels like Jahtari, Scotch Bonnet, Maffi, Renegade Masters, Reggae Toy Boy and Moonshine Recordings.
The last Riddim Mix ist our special support to the beautyfull Dub Minded Riddim by GuerillJah Production. GREAT steppa and vibe.

Live Life & Love!


Longfingah-Vibespromotion Intro
1. Monkey Mark – Rudebwoy Dub
2. Adam Prescott - Kingdom
3. El Fata – Good Foundation
4. El Fata – Digital Reggae
5. Jah Screechy – Love We A Deal With
6. Early Bee – Imitator
7. Soom T – Bullets Will Bounce
8. Soom T – Summer Day´s
9. PupaJim – I´m A Robot
10. Original Kose – Kokoro No Tomo
11. Diegojah – Big G@nja Splif
12. Solo Banton – No
13. Hepton Lindo – Rude Boy
14. Junior Roy – Run Di Session
15. Speng Bond – White Horse
16. Lord Sassafrass – Talking Yardie
17. Wild Life – Poze Up
18. Maria P – Troubles And Worries
19. Earl Sixteen – People
20. Mr. Williamz – Computer Age
21. Daddy Scotty – Wicked Tings A Gwaan
22. YT – World News
23. Daddy Freddy – Dread Inna Armagideon
24. Daddy Freddy – Can´t Stop We
25. Longfingah – Deh Pon Top
26. YT – Scream
27. Mungo´s HiFi - Mexican Bean Riddim Selection
28. GuerillJah Production- Dub Minded Riddim Selection
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Vibes Promotion on November 14th 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

We like our reggae with lots of bass. And lots of bass we have in this selection!
From reggae and dancehall to digital and dub - 2k14 style.
A few tracks from the recent Mungo's Hi Fi and DJ Vadim LPs.
A selection of the Rough Road Riddim and the Rude Bwoy Be Nice Riddim.
Some mash ups - sorry for Mato's "Happy" version: I just love cheesy cover songs in reggae ;)
And finally some dub tunes including Dreadsquads new banger "Boom Sound".

Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Suns Of Dub ft. Sizzla "Move Dem"
Dub Pistols ft. Rodney P & Darrison "Gunshot" (J-Star Remix)
Dreadsquad ft. Natalie Storm "Beat That Chest" (J-Star Remix)
Stick Figure "Golden Hour" (Johnny Cosmic Remix)
Mato "I Know What You Want"
Mato ft. AndreJ 747 "Happy" (Mato Reggae Mix)
Yami Bolo "Jah Is The Fire"
Captain Sinbad "Capital Offence"
Mr Vegas "Jamaica Nice"
Tarrus Riley "Prophecy Fulfill"
Red Eye Hifi ft. Fox " No Rest"
Ninjaman "Ninja Mi Ninja"
Stephen Marley Ft. Spragga Benz & Damian Marley "Bongo Nyah"
Origin One feat Cheshire Cat "Good Ganja" (DJ Maars Remix)
Mungos HiFi ft. Blackout JA "Overcome"
Mungos HiFi ft. Mr. Williamz "Thousand Style"
Mr. Williamz "Miss Brown"
The PSB Family ft. General Levy "We Progressive"
Mr. Benn ft. Tenor Fly "No More Guns" (Yes King Remix)
Chronixx "Good Over Evil"
Dre Island "What Is Mine Is Mine"
Kabaka Pyramid "Liberal Opposer"
Bunny General "Mek Them Rock" (J-Star Remix)
Ala Wala ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore "Cityboy"
DJ Vadim ft. Demolition Man "Badman"
A Tribe Called Quest vs. Norman Cook "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo" (Vampire Mix)
Dr. Packer "Chasing Devils"
AZ vs. DJ Maars "The Come Up" (Maars Reggae Refix)
Dirty Dubsters ft. Top Cat "Girls Pon Mi Mind"
DJ Vadim ft. Demolition Man "Lyrical Soldier"
DJ Vadim ft. Governor Tiggy "Sweet Like A Lolly"
DJ Vadim ft. Sena "Speak To Me Darling"
Backbeat Soundsystem "I Spy" (Live Dub Architet Mix)
Major Lazer "Jah No Partial" (So Shifty Dub)
Gappy Ranks "So Real" (DJ Madd Remix)
Dreadsquad ft. Kojo Neatness "Boom Sound"
Rhythm Riders ft. Aswad, Renegade Soundwave & Brother Culture "Give Me A Sign"
(King Yoof Remix)
Cut La Vis vs. Foreign Beggars ft. Skinnyman "Hold On" (Rub-A-Thug Remix)

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Vibes Promotion 9th May 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with Shady lgs. OHRWO

An new session for you with a lot of vibes present by Shady on the mic and OHRWO at the turntables. The playlist of the selection is given below and they is full of digital, reggae and dub. Run it and give us some feedback.


01. The Illuminiated-“Truth & Right”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.2
02. Micah Shemaiah ft. T.J., Empress Sativa,Jahkome, Infinite-“Dread At The Control”-EDB
03. Ranking Levy-“Mad Man Style”-Jahtari-JTRLP0074
04. Lord Sassafrass-“Talking Yardie”- Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-10
05. Maffi-“Heidi Riddim”-Maffi/Jahtari-JTR-09
06. Junior Roy-“Run Di Session”-Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-10
07. Speng Bond-“White Horse”- Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-09
08. Don Camilo-“Run Come”-Jamafra
09. Dubunit ft. Speng Bond-“Ganjaman(Delmighty Sounds rmx)”-Cubiculd Records-CB12001
10. Mr. Williamz-“Sit Down Steady”-Jahtari/Maffi
11. El Fata-“Rocking In The Frontline”-Scotch Bonnet Records-SCOB036
12. Pupajim-“Trouble Again”-Maffi/Jahtari-JTR009
13. “Your Love”-Scotch Bonnet
14. White Mice-“It´s A Shame”-Intelitec Muzik
15. Mankind-“Them A Hustler”
16. Mankind-“Country Life”
17. Nicodemus-“Earth & Moon”-Witty
18. Tony Tuff-“Cool It”-Witty
19. Echo Minott-“Follow Me”-Witty
20. Dennis Brown-“Cosmic Force”-Observer
21. Marcia Grithiths-“Better Days”-Jasafar
22. Glen Washington-“Got To Be Free”-Jasafar
23. Fiona-“Don´t Stop”-Jasafar
24. Sizzla-“One Away”-Brick Wall
25. Capleton-“Ragga Road”-Brick Wall
26. Gregory Isaacs-“No Matter”-Jammy$ Records
27. Bush Man-“Babylon Dead”-Jammy$ Records
28. Power Man-“Working For God“-Jammy$ Records
29. Black Uhuru-“I Love King Selassie”- Jammy$ Records
30. Vibration Lab ft. Wayne Jarrett-”Buy You Gold”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.1
31. Horace Andy-“Youth Of Today”-Blood And Fire
32. Horace Andy-“Jah Youth”-Blood And Fire
33. Horace Andy-“Don´t Let Problems Get You Down”-Blood And Fire
34. Horace Andy-“No Problem”-Blood And Fire
35. Numa Crew-“Nowledge”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.1
36. Compa-“One Lion”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.1

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Vibes Promotion 8th February 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

Another Night you can listen a new Vibes Promotion Podcast now. A beautyful selection with many deep and touching reggaemusic. Sometimes rolling dub and somtimes skanking digital and sometimes rocking steppas and sometimes subful dubstep.
Big tunes from Sammy Gold and Pupajim also inside like Solo Banton, Speng Bond, Paul St. Hilaire. Incredibel cool releases from Jahtari, Necessary Mayhem Black, Maffi, Stand High Rec. Moon Shine Recordings and brain music by producers like Naram, Radikal Guru, Rootah, Killa Mosquito, Dubaskm, Disrupt and many more...


01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Stand High Patrol-“East Bond Street”-Stand High Records-S-H004
03. Naram ft. Sammy Gold-“Government Are Suck The Sufferer”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
04. Stepart ft. Pupajim-“Another Night ”-Stand High Records-S-H004
05. Naram-“Mogwai Riddim”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
06. Naram ft. Sammy Gold-“Money Can´t Buy Life”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
07. Naram ft. Jane Bee-“Conquer Me”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
08. Naram-“Conquer Dem”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
09. Paul St. Hilaire-„Love Jah“-Jahtari-JTR015
10. Naram-“Asia Minor”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
11. Paul St. Hilaire-„Who Goes There“-Jahtari-JTR015
12. Naram ft. Speng Bond-“Big Brother”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
13. Naram ft. Asher Senator-“Mayhem”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
14. Naram-“Run Down The Dairy”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
15. Naram ft. Peter King-“Teach Dem FiRead, Write & Spell”-Jahtari-JTRLP05
16. Junior Roy-“Run Di Session”-Maffi-JTR7010
17. Speng Bond-“White Horse”-Maffi-JTR7009
18. Killa Mosquito ft. Solo Banton-“Sensi”-Nachessary Mayhem Black-NMB004
19. Killa Mosquito ft. Mr. Williamz-“Ganja Man, Ganja Woman”-Nachessary Mayhem Black-NMB002
20. Radikal Guru ft. Echo Ranks-“Warning”-Moon Shine Recordings-MSLP001
21. Stepart ft. Pupajim-“Rainy City Blues”-Stand High Records-S-H004
22. Radikal Guru-“Indra”-Moon Shine Recordings-MSLP001
23. Dubkasm-“Righteous Counteraction”-Peng Sound-PENGSOUND004
24. Dubkasm ft. Tena Stelin-“More Jah Songs”-Sufferah´s Choice Recordingz-DUBK017
25. Dubkasm-“Arise”-Peng Sound-PENGSOUND004
26. Radikal Guru-“Earthwalker”-Moon Shine Recordings-MSLP001
27. Whitelabel-RUFFCUT#2
28. Radikal Guru-“Spaceout”-Moon Shine Recordings-MSLP001

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Vibes Promotion on January 17th 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with DrmZ

Some DubDubstepDigitalBassGlitchTrapDancehallHip Hop... :)


Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Dub Terminator ft. Bob Marley "Exodus" (Dub Mashup)
Dubmatix "Inner Eden Dub" (Dub Terminator Remix
Iration Steppas ft. D-Rootical "Lightning" (Original Dub D.A.T.)
Mungos HiFi "Jah Come To I"
Vibronics ft. Echo Ranks "Long Time Dub"
Origin One ft. Trekkah "Heartless Dub"
Joe Pilgrim "Tribulation" (Riddim Tuffa Remix)
Dub Terror ft. Echo Ranks & Santanu "Shinobi Warrior"
Vibration Lab "Created By The Father"
The Mouse Outfit ft. Sparkz & Dubbul O "Who Gwan Test" (Dom Hz remix)
Jstar vs. The Mouse Outfit "Gwan Test The Marshall"
Major Lazer ft. Johnny Osbourne "Jah No Partial" (Jstar Remix)
Dub Phizix & Skeptical ft. Strategy "Marka"
Wick-It The Instigator "We Have Arrived" (Re-Spliffed)
Stephen Marley ft. Spragga Benz & Damian Marley "Bongo Nyah"
Cali Swag District vs. Ceo vs. Alborosie "Dougie Police" (Barisone Blend)
Jamie Irie ft. RCola "Sweet Sensi" (Strange Future & Loze Remix)
Indidginus "3D"
AfroQBen ft. Junior Reid "Put Down The Gun"
Basement Freaks "A Life For Dat Sweet Ting"
MF Doom "Benzie Box (Opiuo Rework)"
JStar vs. Cypress Hill & The Fugees "Biddymaster"
Apathy ft. Selftitled & Boo "Gangster Skank" (Bruce Missile ReRub)
Method Man & Redman vs. Inner Circle "How High Pt.2" (iLLBiLLY HiTEC MashUp)
6Blocc vs. Baby Cham "Bun Fassy"
Dubmatix ft. Tenor Fly "Show Down" (Bass Bin Remix)
Origin One ft. Parisa "Crisis"
Titan Sound vs. Dub Terminator "War-Izm" (KRS One & Channel Live on the War Riddim)
Webcam Hifi "Rescue Mission"

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Vibes Promotion 22nd November 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

A new journey of music in that Podcast by OHRWO. The journey starts with a wonderful Reggae selection, than they make a stop by the Jahtarian Digital Reggae station.Than the sound leave the offbeat, end enter the bassscene. In the end you get some new vibes from the MetalHeadz label in the Jungle, it called Endstation.


01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Revoltionary Dub Warriors-“Warrior”-On U Sound-ON-UDP29
03. Steel Pulse-“Babylon Makes The Rules”-Island-ILPS9568
04. Rod Taylor-“Yes We Gonna Get Over”-Volcano-
05. Bitty McLean, Jose Wales, Sly and Robbie-“Runnig Over/Nuh On A Dem”-Taxi/Silent River-SR006
06. Earl 16-“Reggae Music”-Reggae Roast-RR006
07. Micah Shemaiah ft. T.J., Hempress Sativa, Jahkime, Infinite-“Dread @ The Control”-E.D.B. Entertainment
08. The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra ft. Bitty McLean-“Fu Manchu”-Axe Attack Recordings-AAR001
09. Philip Crucial ft. Ecile De Brave-“Rasta´s Luck” E.D.B. Entertainment
10. Albarosi-“Rock The Dancehall”-Dub Rockers/VP-VPS9277
11. Protoje-“Kingston Be Wise”- Don Corleon
12. Don Carlos & Million Stylez-“World Crises”-Ink A Link Records-IKL014
13. El Fata-“Digital Reggae”-Vibeguard Recordings-VGR7002
14. Junior Roy-“Run Di Session”-Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-10
15. Speng Bond-“White Horse”- Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-09
16. Lord Sassafrass-“Talking Yardie”- Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-10
17. Paul St. Hilaire-“Who Goes There”-Jahtari-JTR15
18. Don Camilo-“Run Come”-Jamafra Records-JAM003
19. Radikal Guru ft. Echo Ranks-“Warnig”-Moonshine Recordings-MS013
20. Gorgon Sound vs. Dubkasm-“Who Ah De Gorgon?”-Peng! Sound-PENGSOUND004
21. DJ Madd ft. Marina P-“Homeland”-Roots&Future-RNF002
22. Whitelabel-1DROP001
23. DJ Madd-“Follow Dub”- Roots&Future-RNF002
24. Whitelabel-1DROP001
25. Thelem ft. T.Man-“Bring”-Innamind Recordings-IMRV007
26. The Bug-“Dirty”-Ninja Tune-ZEN10353
27. The Bug-“Freakshow”-Ninja Tune-ZEN10353
28. The Bug-“Kill Dem”-Ninja Tune-ZEN10353
29. The Bug-“Louder”-Ninja Tune-ZEN10353
30. White-with a Metal Headz Stemp
31. LIONCHG004
32. DABS& MC Kwality-“Skull&Bones(Stray Rmx)”-Horizons Music-HZNX013
33. Dom&Roland-“Outta Endz”-Metal Headz-META014

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Vibes Promotion on September 20th 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with DrmZ

Starting with some Dub and Digital and move on to Mash Ups
in the second half of the show.



01. Longfingah - Vibes Promotion Show Intro
02. Origin One ft. Percydread " Don't Dweet"
03. Kromestar "Dub Conspiracy"
04. Jah Tubby's ft. Errol Belliot "Prais HIM"
05. Abassi All Stars & Minoo "Jah Is Here"
06. Vibronics "On Jah Side"
07. Vibronics "Deep Root Dub"
08. Kanka ft. MC Oliva "Riddim"
09. Antiserum ft. Ripple "Sound Biz"
10. Major Lazer ft. Johnny Osbourne "Jah No Partial" (JStar Remix)
11. Webcam Hi-Fi ft. Roberto Sanchez "Run From Deh"
12. Dub Terror ft. Echo Ranks & Santanu "Shinobi"
13. King General ft. Centry "Long Long Time"
14. Illbilly Hitec ft. Longfingah "Higher Calling" (Dubmatix RootStep Remix)
15. Titan Sound "What's Wicked" (Version 8)
16. Dub Pistols ft. Rodney P. "Ganja"
17. Dubmatix ft. Tenor Fly "Show Down" (Bass Bin Remix)
18. JStar vs. Cypress Hill & Fugees "Biddymaster"
19. My Therapist "Skylarkin Twinz"
20. TEK aka Smokey Lah "All Massive"
21. Blend Mishkin ft. Elephant Phinix "Press Forward"
22. Rodney P & The People's Army& Mighty Moe "Live Up"
23. Dancehall Allstars "We Are Mashup" (MrBigk Rmx)
24. Top Cat "We Are Mashed" (Titan Sound Rmx)
25. Mr. Vegas "Boy Shorts" (Max RubaDub Rmx)
26. Mad Skillz "The Nod Factor" (DJ Shepdog Rmx)
27. Lack Of Afro ft. Wax & Herbal T"International" (Cut La Vis Rmx)
28. The Nextmen "A Mean Speaker"
29. JStar vs. Gangstarr & Toots & Maytals "Funky Kingston"
30. JStar vs. Warren G & Nate Dogg "Regulate Rock"

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Vibes Promotion 09th August 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

Just get back to good times. Some digital Dancehall, dub and steppa you will hear in this Podcast not more not less. Some new releases by Don Camilo, Hempress Sativa, El Fata, Longfingah, PupaJim, Mr. Williamz inside and some very rare sounds by Rootsman, Jah Warrior and the big Dub Club. So take 90 minits for listen.

Producer-“Tune”-Label-Catnr.:(Number 4, 25 and 27 are not from vinyl)
01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Dubunitsound-“Super Mariiojuana Riddim”- Cubiculd Records-CB12001
03. Dubunitsound feat. Speng Bob-“Ganjaman”- Cubiculd Records-CB12001
04. OLD MONK Riddim mega mix lgs Parly B, Longfingah & Steppa Style, Bandulu, Wendy Wonder, Tomawok, Tribuman, Gillus, Sista Zoum by GuerillJah Prod.
05. Don Camilo-“Run Come”-Jamafra-JAM003
06. “Your Love”-Scotch Bonnet-SCOB035
07. Mr. Williamz-“Sit Down Steady”-Jahtari-JTR012
08. Don Camilo-“Kill Dem All”-Jamafra-JAM003
09. Solo Banton-“One Of The Greatest”-Jahtari-JTR010
10. Rub-A-Dub Market (Part2Style)-“Fever”-Jahtar-JTR11
11. El Fata-“Rocking The Frontline”-Scotch Bonnet-SCOB036
12. Rootsman-“Dub The Chalice”-Third Eye Music-TEMEP004
13. “Pon De Attack”-Original Formula-OF7004
14. Rootsman feat. El Jethoor-“Luxor”-Third Eye Music-TEMEP002
15. Dub Club-“Black Shadow”-Stones Throw Records-STH2318
16. Dubblestandart-“Echo Dub”-Echo Beach-CCT3027-1
17. Dub Club-“Every Dub Is A Star”-Stones Throw Records-STH2318
18. Jah Warrior-“Verse 4”-Jahr Warrior-JWD001
19. Stand High Patrol& Stepart ft. Pupajim-”Another Night”-Stand High Rec-SH004
20. Dubmatix ft. Horace Andy-“It´s A Clash”-Echo Beach-EB095
21. Bim Sherman-“Solid As A Rock(Hexadecimal rmx)”-Mantra Rec.&On U Sound
22. Hughie Izachaar-“Jah Will Deliver Us”- Jah Warrior-JWLP12
23. Hughie Izachaar-“Deliverance Dub”- Jah Warrior-JWLP12
24. Stand High Patrol& Stepart ft. Pupajim-”Rainy City Blues”-Stand High Rec-SH004
25. Dubmatix ft. Longfingah-“Liberation(Dr. Bud rmx)”
26. Luciano-“Who Could It Be”-Island Records-IJA2007
27. Hempress Sativa-“Children Of The Emporer”-J.O.E&Amaggeddon

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Vibespromotion on July 26th 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with DrmZ

This weeks show is a mix of Digital Reggae, Jungle and Dubstep.
Featuring tracks from Riddim Tuffa, The Bush Chemists, Dub Terminator, Stepart, J Bostron, Radical Guru and many more. Enjoy!


01. Longfingah - Vibes Promotion Show Intro
02. Cali Swag District vs Ceo vs Alborosie - Dougie Police (Barisone Blend)
03. King General & The Bush Chemists - Gunman
04. Ras Charmer - Songs Of Zion
05. Solo Banton - Old Time Something
06. YT - Visa
07. Dubmatix & Wayne Smith - Idacity
08. Wayne Smith - E20
09. Lyrical Benjie - Original Something
10. Pupa Jim - TV Addict
11. Ponchita & Parly - Come In A This
12. Riddim Tuffa ft. Escape Roots - In A Melodica Dub
13. WrongTom meets Deemas J - Jump More Remix (Bangarang Prod)
14. Viniselecta & U Stone - Computer Dub
15. Mooncat - War Inna Babylon
16. Dreadsquad & Dr Ring Ding - Your Sound Is Done (J Bostron Remix)
17. Cutty Ranks - Fully Blast (J Bostron Remix)
18. Ed Solo & Deekline Ft. DJ Concept - Ghost Town
19. Bitty McLean - Make It With You (6BLOCC Remix)
20. Salmonella Dub - Slide (Defunk Remix)
21. Fogata Sounds ft. Tippa Irie - Loud & Clear (Dub Terminator Remix)
22. Richie Spice - Youths Dem Cold (Seed Organization Refix)
23. Bangarang Prod - When I Was A Youth (My Heart Beat At 70 BPM Remix)
24. Vibration Lab ft. Sugar Minott - London We Deh
25. Vibration Lab - Dancehall We Dub
26. Stepart & Pupa Jim - Another Night
27. MRBiGK vs ThStyle - Hello (MRBiGK Mashup)
28. ThStyle - Ya Dub Yourself
29. OSC & DJG ft. Budros Gali - One Mile High
30. Radikal Guru - Dread Commandments
31. Blackheart - Airbag
32. Kromestar - Konflict
33. RSD - Trample

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