Vibes Promotion 15th February 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with DUKE OF JUKE and OHRWO

The Duke, the Duke, the Duke Of Juke arghh played live in this Vibes Promotion podcast. Unique and great, the newest Footwork style. The Duke of Juke produced this music inspired by the US-underground Footwork scene and bring his own skills and vibe inside his own excellent Footwork-riddims. So feel free taste this new style of music exclusiv inside this file here, it´s big and bassfull. argghhhh. OHRWO played in the second part of this podcast some old Calypso-Soca tunes and 80´s USA&UK-Dancehall and Reggae gooody´s. OPEN YOUR MIND.

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