Vibes Promotion on July 8th 2011

Vibes Promotion Show with DrmZ.

In this weeks show DrmZ starts with a selection of ragga hip hop and reggae remixes of hip hop classics. From there we move to a UK garage and 2Step set. A genre that was influenced by reggae and dub and paved the way for dubstep.

Enjoy the show and give us some feedback!

Listen to Vibes Promotion live every friday at 7 PM CET at raggakings.net

All 2011 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
However you can still download it from google drive as part of this archive:


  1. next great show!
    what is the name of track in )0:34 and 0:39 it is the same track?

  2. Thank you!

    Its not the same song.
    First one is Sham Sham "99 Hearts" - a mashup of Jay-Z "99 Problems" and Architecture in Helsinki "Heart It Races".

    Second one is M.I.A. "Galang"

  3. thank you so much :)