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Vibes Promotion on January 29th 2016

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

This show with lots of Digital Reggae and UK Roots.


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Pupa Jim "Mr. Bossman"
Pupa Jim "Mr. Bossman Dub"
Stand High Patrol & Stepart ft. Pupa Jim "Another Night"
Jahtari ft. Pupa Jim "International Farmer"
Disrupt ft. Soom T "Puff That Weed"
Rootah ft. African Simba "Alternative Power"
Jahtari ft. Mikey Murka "Sweeter"
Rootah ft. Mikey Murka "Get It Already"
Dub Terminator & High Frequency ft. Peppery "Rise Above It"
The Overproof Soundsystem "Commander & Chief"
Frenchie ft. Captain Sinbad "World Wide Rebellion"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Afrikan Simba & Dixie Peach "Leave The Oil Alone"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Charlie P "Skidip It Up"
Mungo's HiFi "Skidip It Up Dub"
Steppa Style ft. Solo Banton "Digital"
Smerians Anti Social Club "Doctor Who" (Riddim Version)
Smerians Anti Social Club ft. Tenor Fly "Doctor Who"
Kanka ft. Biga Ranx "Dub Attack"
KPC ft. Solo Banton "Heart And Soul Ruff"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Daddy Freddy "Dread Inna Armagideon"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Daddy Scotty "Wicked Tings A Gwaan"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Mr.Williamz "Computer Age"
Mungo's HiFi ft. Sister Carol "Culture Mi Vote"
KPC "Gone A Town" (Riddim Version)
KPC ft. Joseph Cotton "Gone A Town"
Subactive "Dub The Frontline"
Subactive ft.El Fata "Rocking In The Frontline"
Subactive ft.Ranking Levy "Brixton Frontline"
Horseman & Prince Fatty "Reality Time"
Horseman & Prince Fatty ft. Winston Reedy "Ghetto"
Disrupt ft. Solo Banton "Kung Fu Master"
Jahtari ft. El Fata "El Fata Ina The Dancehall"
Damalistik ft. Deadly Hunter "Ghetto Youth Ina Danger"
Damalistik ft. Solo Banton & Donovan Kingjay "Babylon Time"
Damalistik ft.YT "Leave I Alone"
TJ (aka. Likkle Briggy) ft. Exile di Brave & Infinite "Original"
Marshall Neeko "Come Inna The Dubwise"
Marshall Neeko ft. Murray Man "Come Inna The Dancehall"
Kris Kemist ft. Speng Bond "Cut Backs"
Maffi "Rihanna Riddim"
Maffi ft. Junior Roy "Tuff Like We"
Maffi "Tuff Like We" (Riddim Version)
Maffi ft. Asher Senator "The Senator"

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