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Vibes Promotion 15 April 2016

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

If you like Vibes Promotion light it up!

Listen a nice Digital modern Dancehall for blazing 4*20.
That skanking podcast ends with very wonderfull& hardfull rootsmusic. Let yourself be suprised, it´s dangerous.

VIPR 15.04.2016 Vinyllist

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. B-No-“Sad Riddim”-Cubicolo Recods-CR12006
3. B-No & Peter Youthman-“Sad Feeling”-Cubicolo Recods-CR12006
4. Subactive & Danny Dread-“Reggae Music Is Love”-Cubicolo Recods-CR12005
5. Dubunit & Speng Bond-“Ganjaman” ”-Cubicolo Recods-CR12001
6. Jah Screetchy-“Love We A Deal With”-Jahtari-JTRLP06
7. Speng Bond-“Cut Backs”-Reality Shock Rec.-RSR014
8. Subactive & El Fata-“Taking Over”-Cubicolo Recods-CR12005
9. Kenny Knots-“Herb From Crow”-Jahtari-JTR11
10. Zeb& Scotty-“Bring The Sensi”-Jahtari-JTRLP003
11. Soom T-“Weed Hawks”-Jahtari-JTRLP003
12. Soom T-“Roll It”-Jahtari-JTRLP003
13. Soom T-“31st Century Song”-Mungo´s HiFi-SCOBLP004
14. Charly P-“Traveller”-Mungo´s HiFi-SCOBLP004
15. Marina P-“Slavery”- Mungo´s HiFi-SCOBLP004
16. Charly P-“Nice It Up”-Mungo´s HiFi-SCOBLP004
17. NARAM-“Unknown Riddim”- Colonel Mustard´s
18. Daddy Freddy-“Long Way”-Colonel Mustard´s-CM01
19. Face&Sheenyboo-“Dangerous”-Colonel Mustard´s-CM02
20. Danny Dread-“Chatty Mouth Defeat”-Colonel Mustard´s-CM04
21. Junior Cat-“See Di Bobo Dread”-Colonel Mustard´s-CM03
22. Man Kind-“Them A Hustler”
23. Man Kind- “Some Girls Wicked& Wild”
24. Disrupt-“Whisky Bar”-Jahmiga-JMG01
25. Cashima Steele-“Big Fat Cat”-Reality Shock-RSR018
26. Barrington Levy-“Black Roses”-Hit Bound
27. The Man X-“It Won´t Come Easy”-Impact
28. Cornell Campbell-“The Corgon”-Jamaican Rec.-JR7029
29. Trevor Byfield-“Burning Bush”-Fox Fire
30. Errol Holt-“Congo Dread”-Ohm Rec.
31. John Clarke-“Babylon Spanking”-Wackie´s-W-0078
32. The Techniques-“Travelling Man”-Duke Reid
33. Johnny Clarke-“Creation Rebel”- Jamaican Rec.-JR7028
34. Jacob Miller-“Some Of Them Say Them A Rasta”-Rockers
35. Horace Andy-“You Are My Angel”-Jamaican Rec.-JRSLP002
36. Taggy Matcher ft. Birdy Nixon-“The Partisan”-Stix Rec.

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Vibes Promotion 23th October 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

In that Podcast you can hear a live set replayed by OHRWO of the mighty Thursday Thunder hosted by the big Whitebread Sound System this year @ the Katy´s Garage(16.07.2015). Big Up!

VIPR 23.10.2015 Vinyl Playlist:

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. Barrington Levy-“Vice Versa Love”-MCA Records-MAC11746
3. Trevor Walters-“Stuck On You”-I&S Production-IST002
4. Beres Hammond-“They Gonna Talk”-Harmony House
5. Buju Banton-“Negust Neugs”-HMG Records
6. Jah Mason-“The Truth”-HMG Records
7. Jah Mason-“High Grade”-Reggae Central
8. Sizzla-“Catch The Place A Fire”-Reggae Central
9. Natural Black-“Be Careful Of Your Enemies”-Rootdown Rec.
10. Million Stylez-“Oh Jah Jah”- Rootdown Rec.
11. Ziggi-“Need To Tell You This”- Rootdown Rec.
12. Fred Locks-“She´s A Hit”-Super 100
13. Brown Lion-“Work Tonight”-Super 100
14. Uwe Kaa-“High Grade”-Irievibration Records
15. Alborosie-“Outernational Herb”-Maximum Sound
16. Sizzla-“Free Up Di Herbs”-Maximum Sound
17. Uwe Kaa-“Wir Leben Laut”-African Beat Rec.-ABR004
18. Burro Banton-„Nah Drop Di Ting“-African Beat Rec.-ABR005
19. Mikey Murka-“Downpressor Man”-Maffi-JTR7-01
20. Solo Banton-“Talk To Me”-Maffi-JTR7-02
21. Soom T-“Bring Down The Empire”-Reggae Toy Box Rec.-RTB004
22. Diegojah-“Big G@nja Spliff”-Reggae Toy Box Rec.-RTB003
23. Origianl Kose-“Kokoro No Tomo”- Reggae Toy Box Rec.-RTB004
24. Solo Banton-“No”-Maffi-JTR7-07
25. Junior Roy-“Tuff Like We”-Jahtari-JTR17
26. White Mice-“It´s A Shame”-Intelitec Muzik
27. Mankind-“Them A Hustler”-Man Kind
28. King Kong-“Come Down”-Jah All  Mighty
29. Hopeton Lindo-“Rude Boy”-Maffi-JTR7-05
30. Unknown-“Your Love”-Scotch Bonnet-SCOB035
31. Solo Banton& Trevor Irie-“Dancehall Nice Again”-Maffi-JTR7-08
32. Mr. Williamz-“Sit Down Steady”-Jahtari-JTR12
33. Killa Mosquito ft. Mr. Williamz-“Ganja Man, Ganja Woman”-Necessary Mayhem Black-NMB002
34. Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Solo Banton&Ruben Da Silva-“Kung Fu Know How”-Scrub A Dub-SCRUB006
35. Killa Mosquito ft. Solo Banton-“Sensi”- Necessary Mayhem Black-NMB004
36. Killa Mosquito ft. Macka B-“Computer”- Necessary Mayhem Black-NMB003
37. Tayo meets Acid Rockers ft. PupaJim-“Vampayaa”-Scrub A Dub-SCRUB005
38. Gorgon Sound ft. Dubkasm-PENGSOUND001
39. Digid ft. Junior Dread-“Guide Us To Trough The Storm“-Cubiculo Records-CCR12002
40. Kahn-“Dread(Gorgon Sound Version)”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI84
41. Sherwood & Pinch-”Bring Me Weed”-Tectonic vs. On U Sound 001
42. Wudub!? ft. Lisa Bennett-“Psalm A Day”-Lederbronx Rec.-9050-001

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Vibes Promotion 17th April 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

Ohrwo start with a rumbling reggae riddim selection with Sizzla, Anthony B, Luciano, Caplaton, Eddy Fitzroy and more.
The steppa and dub section is interoduce by the latest Dubdadda LP on Moonshine Recordings.That section show you the current music from some fine labels around the globe.
The last 3 tracks are OHRWO´s top 3 deep steppas tunes right now, so you should try again.

Give Love!
VIPR 17.04.2015

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. Dubdadda ft. Stix Dan-“Trod On”-MoonShine Rec.-MSLP003
3. Protoje ft. Chronixx-“Who Know”-Overstand Entertainment
4. Eddie Fitzroy-“Run Come Come”-Liberation Riddim-Zion High Prod.
5. Yami Bolo ft. Capleton-“Liberation”-Liberation Riddim-Zion High Prod.
6. I. Fu-”Peace”-Terminator Riddim-SAM Entertainment
7. Luciano-“What We Want To See”- Terminator Riddim-SAM Entertainment
8. Capleton-“Jah Gimmi Love”- Terminator Riddim-SAM Entertainment
9. Anthony B-“Jah Is My Guide”- Terminator Riddim-SAM Entertainment
10. Sizzla-“Ready Love Di Road”-Terminator Riddim-SAM Entertainment
11. Sizzla-“Show A Little Love”-Rose Apple Riddim-ICE-Berg Redords
12. Perfect-“World Trade Center”-Rose Apple Riddim-ICE-Berg Redords
13. Fantan Mojah-“In These Time”-Rose Apple Riddim-ICE-Berg Redords
14. Norris Man-“Hold Your Own”-Rose Apple Riddim-ICE-Berg Redords
15. Lutan Fyah-“Nothing Without Love”-Rose Apple Riddim-ICE-Berg Redords
16. Lion Dub International Selection-The Heavenless Riddim Story Mix
17. J. Robinson Who Dem Sound-“Take The Care Of Busines Dub”-who.dem.sound-WHODEM006
18. Dubdadda-“Give Love”-MoonShine Rec.-MSLP003
19. Dub Dynasty ft. Cyan Finn-“9 Years”-Steppas Rec.-ASLP001
20. Dubdadda ft. Stix Dan-“Penitration”-MoonShine Rec.-MSLP003
21. Digital-“Dub Mammoth”-Lion Charge Rec.-LIONCHG010
22. Dubdadda-“Got To Be A Warrior”- MoonShine Rec.-MSLP003
23. Digital-“Foundation”-Lion Charge Rec.-LIONCHG010
24. J. Robinson Who Dem Sound-“Tuff Dub” who.dem.sound-WHODEM006
25. Digital-“Informer”-Lion Charge Rec.-LIONCHG010
26. Gorgon Sound-“Righthous”Pengsound004 
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