Vibes Promotion on June 26th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

This show starts pretty heavy with bassfull mashups, trap and dubstep. To the end the selection is more dubby and mellow but with lots of bass as well.


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Foreign Beggars ft. Skinnyman "Hold On" (Cut La Vis Rub-A-Thug Remix)
The Specials vs. B.O.B. & Juicy J "Still in this Ghost Town" (Wick-it Mashup)
Taggy Matcher Meets Herbie Hancock "Rockit" (JR.Dynamite Edits)
Quincy Jones "Austin Powers 'Soul Bossa Nova' Theme" (Flavours Remix)
Banx & Ranx " Empire"
Banx & Ranx ft. Mikey Dangerous "Warrior"
Jah Screechy "Walk And Skank" (Version BigFi Remix)
Dub Unit ft. Speng Bound "Ganja Man" (Dub Terminator Remix)
Marteria "Kids" (Funkanomics Club Edit)
Beginner "Hammerhart" (Symbiz Remix)
The Roots "Glitches" (Rhythmstars Fuck Being Hopeless Remix)
Cali Swag District vs. Ceo vs. Alborosie "Dougie Police" (Barisone Blend)
Lost City "OG Roots"
Dub Pistols ft. Seanie Tee "Pistoleros" (Jinx In Dub Remix)
Wick-it the Instigator "The Golden Trap Gangster"
Ginuwine "Pony" (eSenTRIK Remix)
Bro Safari & Knuckle Children "Mr Nice Guy"
Major Lazer "Jah No Partial" (So Shifty Dub)
Ondubground "The Youth" (Remix)
Barrington Levy "Black Roses" (Banx & Ranx Remix)
Banx & Ranx "Crime Scene"
OpRa Dub Style "Domine"
DJ Vadim "Hope" (Irie Worryah Remix)
Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding "Outside" (Deejay Theory dub)
Kingfisha "Your Welcome" (JPOD Remix)
Mungo's Hi Fi ft. Charlie P "Nice it up" (Rockers Mix)
Jah Melodie "Love Fire Burning"
System Error ft. Michael Rose "Time Bomb"
Dubmatix ft. Eek A Mouse "Pull Up Selector"
Rosb Smith ft. Yabby You "Conquering Lion" (Dub Version)
Egoless "Guiding Star"

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Vibes Promotion 19th June 2015

Vibes Promotion
Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

The podcast start with the emotional and thoughtful song by
Saralène & Long Fingah called REFUGEES (Free DL) produced by Aldubb from the very well One Drop Label

Deep steeping roots enter than, till OHRWO featured and played the latest release by his musicfriend Hardy Digital the head of Guerilljah Productions. The song Perlious Time from Sammy Gold bring all together we like; reggae, bass, message, voice and vibes! BIG One.

This podcast is a stricltly 7 inch run with the two lovely digital promotions. If you have time you should hear it loud.

There is no playlist within, please ask us: vibespromotion@googlemail.com or about our page about fb.



Vibes Promotion on June 12th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

...funky tunes...


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Afternoons In Stereo "Soul Sugar" (Niles Philips Remix)
Funk Ferret "Cash Money"
Funk Ferret "So Dam Hot"
Funk Ferret "The Bronx Dynamite"
Dub Pistols ft. Seanie Tee "Pistoleros" (General Narco Mix)
Shaka Loves You "Dance All Night"
The Rebel "Soul Power"
Lebrosk "I Know You Got Ooh Wee"
Slynk & Canosis "Figure It Out"
Labrat "Fuse"
AfroQBen "You Gotta Feel It"
Krafty Kuts ft. Dynamite MC "Get Up & Dance"
A.Skillz vs. Beatvandals "Blowin Up"
Shaka Loves You "Let The Brick House Hit Em"
Timothy Wisdom "Bad Mother"
Derrick Harriott "Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys" (Funk Ferret Edit)
Tom Booze "Work Signs"
Shaka Loves You "Chic Weapon"
Tom Booze "Never Knew"
Featurecast "Stomp"
Mooqee ft. MC Kinky "Supacat Police"
Stickybuds "Crowd Murder"
John Holt "Police In Helicopter" (Father Funk Remix)
Rita Marley "One Draw" (Father Funk Remix)
Slynk "Boomin"
Roast Beatz ft. Figure Of Speech "Write Now"
The Breakbeat Junkie vs. DJP "Work The Floor"
Father Funk "Golden Era"
Pete Rock & C.L Smooth "T.R.O.Y" (Father Funk Remix)
Ray Charles "I Got A Woman" (Father Funk Remix)
Shaka Loves You "Flip The Funk"
Shantisan ft. Micheline Cardoso & Stefan Obermaier "Favela Funk"
Morlack "In Brasilia" (Shantisan Re Treat Radio Edit)
Omegaman ft. Empresarios "Oye Como Suena"
Opiuo "Wiggle Sticks" (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Jayl Funk "Lowdown Funk"
Starpoint "Get Your Body Up" (AfroQBen Remix)
Jayl Funk & Doug Lazy "Lets Bring It Back" (Lebrosk Mashup)
De La Soul "Saturdays" (Bobby C Sound TV Remix)
Beatvandals vs. A.Skillz "Sunshine"
Cockney Nutjob "My Baby Don't..."

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Vibes Promotion 6th June 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

Dis Side Ah Town from Roger Robinson @ the great JAHTARI label open this cut.

Than you will hear a lot of deep reggae music.

And in the last we presenting tune of the mighty mighty Jah Warrior Records.

Load, listen carefully and promote!

VIPR 06.06.2015

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. Roger Robinson-“Strictly”-Jahtari-JTRLP007
3. Jah Lion-“Sunshine Girl”-Teem-TM002
4. Micah Shemaiah-“Dread At The Control”-EDB Entertaintment
5. Roger Robinson-“Ashes Of Fire”-Jahtari-JTRLP007
6. Elijah Prophet-“Children Of The World”-Dasvibes Prod.
7. Jah Cure-“Dung In Deh”-Harmony House
8. Jah Cure & Sizzla-“King In This Jungle”- Harmony House
9. Sizzla-“Moving On”-9 Sound Clik
10. Chakademus-“Trample Them”-9 Sound Clik
11. Luciano-“A Nuh Like Dem We Nuh Like Dem”-Bad2000 Music
12. Bounty Killa-“Poor People”-Bad2000 Music
13. Rod Taylor-“His Imperial Majesty”-Reggae Fever
14. Keithus I-“Red Hot”-Jah Dynasty
15. Stephanie Samuels-“Africa We Want To Go”-Channel 1
16. Paul Sinclair-“Naturalzation”-Ossie Sounds
17. Rod Taylor-“Badman Comes And Goes”-Ossie Sounds
18. Rod Tayler-“Every Little Thing”-Ossie Sounds
19. Horce Andy-“No Peace”-Techniques
20. Capital Letters-“Wolf”-Sugar Shark Records
21. Roger Robinson-“Dis Side Ah Town”-Jahtari-JTRLP007
22. Earl 16-“Reggae Music Dub(Manasseh)”-Reggae Roast-RR016
23. Cashima Steele-“Big Fat Cat”-Reality Shock- RSR018
24. Longfinah ft. Aldubb-“Cool Down”-Irie Ites-Iim018
25. Trinity-“What Kind Of World Are We Living In”-Jah Warrior Rec.-JWLP018
26. Jah Warrior-“What Kind Of World Are We Dubbing”-Jah Warrior Rec.-JWLP018
27. Ranking Joe-“Thanks and Praise” Jah Warrior Rec.-JWLP018
28. Jah Warrior-“Dubwise Praise”-Jah Warrior Rec.-JWLP018
29. Prince Alla-“Be Careful”-Jah Warrior Records-JWLP019
30. Jah Warrior-“Careful Dub” Jah Warrior Records-JWLP019



Vibes Promotion on May 29th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

Late 80's and early 90's Dancehall is just the best, right?


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Shaggy "Boombastic"
Merciless "Mavis"
Buju Banton "Move Yuh Body"
Buju Banton "Operation Ardent"
Carl Meeks "Hot Fe Me"
Cocoa Tea "Joker Loving"
Nardo Ranks "Burrups (Part 2)"
Johnny Osbourne "Salute The Don"
Ninjaman "Murder Dem"
Cobra "Gundelero"
Pinchers "Bandulero"
Gregory Isaacs "Rumours"
J.C. Lodge "Telephone Love"
Shabba Ranks ft. Rebel Princess, Cocoa Tea & Augustus Clarke "Just Be Good To Me"
Papa San "Dancehall Good To We"
Beenie Man "Romie"
Admiral Bailey "Punany"
Chaka Demus "Workie Workie"
Michael Prophet & Ricky Tuffy "Your Love"
Bobo General "Gal Gorgon"
Anthony Malvo & Daddy Lizard "Take You To The Dance"
Donovan Steele & Daddy Screw "Ms. Bonefide"
Terror Fabulous "Open The Door"
General Degree "Mr. Tickle"
Beenie Man "Wicked Ride"
Beenie Man "Slam"
Flourgon "Bounce"
Red Dragon "Duck"
Daddy Lizard "Dibi Dibi Girl"
Admiral Bailey "Them Have Fe Wait"
Johnny P "Body Tune Up"
Johnny P "Bike Back"
Ninja Man "Border Clash"
Major Danger "Know Fi Move Your Waist"
Daddy Screw "Gully Rider"
Cobra "Wicked In A Bed"
Pan Head "Punny Printer"
Cutty Ranks "Who Say Me Done"
Pliers "Bam Bam"
Chaka Demus & Pliers "Murder She Wrote"
Nadine Sutherland ft. Terror Fabulous "Action"
General Degree "Dweet Sweet"
Ninjaman & Flourgon "Zig It Up"
Buju Banton "Mr. Bad Mind"
Josey Wales "Look Work"
Coco Tea "Stop It"
Dirtsman "Hot Dis Year"
Capleton "Hop Scotch"
Cobra "You No Real"
Buju Banton "Batty Rider"
Mega Banton & Tanto Metro "Big Up Yuh Status"
Reggie Stepper "Little Miss"
Nardo Ranks "Cemetery"
Derrick Irie "Gumpan"
Cutty Ranks "Retreat"
Cutty Ranks "Limb By Limb"
General Levy "Champagne Body"
Captain Barkey "No Gun Man No Cry"
Captain Barkey "Bun Fi Bun"
Red Dragon "Slapper"
Original African "Good Body Girl"
Admiral Bailey "Butterfly"
Mad Cobra "Mate Nuh Ready"
Terror Fabulous "Good Loving"
Terror Fabulous "Mr. Big Man"
Beenie Man ft. Chevelle Franklyn "Dancehall Queen"
Bajja Jedd "Bed Work Sensation"
Echo Minott "Murder Weapon"

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