Vibes Promotion 25th October 2013

Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

A live Dubstep pure vinyl mixset by OHRWO for Psychoradio.org. Strickly Dubstep will blow your mind and your soundsystem.

25.10.2013 Vibes Promotion @ psychoradio.org.

01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Dawn Day Night-Astrophonica-APHA008
03. Panda Lassow-"Pure Juice"-Anus Records-ANUS001
04. Baconhead ft. Mindbender-“Brainglue”-Eat Concrete-EAT028
05. Joker-“Old Era”-Kapsize-KAP008
06. Joker & Ginz-“Purple”-Kapsize-KAP004
07. L-Wiz-„Straitjacket“-Kapsize-KAP006
08. Peter Evans and Jorge Hernandez-“Cranberry Goose”-EMB007V
09. Pinch & Moving Ninaj-“False Flag”-Tectonic-TEC028
10. Mala-“Stand Against War”-DMZ-dmz029 –aborted
11. Kryptic Minds-“768”-Tectonic-TEC032
12. Synkro-“Music Makers”-Z Audio-ZAUDIO011
13. Kito-“Don´t Wanna Lose You”-Disfigured Dubz-DIZ009
14. Cloud Boat-“Bastion”-R&S Records-RS1105
15. V.I.V.E.K-“Astroids”-System Music-SYSTEM001
16. EOD003
17. The Dub Sync feat. Zion Train-“What We Need (Tuzzy rmx)”-Elastica-ELASTICA002
18. Numa Crew-“Nuclear War”-Elastica-ELASTICA004
19. The Dub Sync-“What We Need”- Elastica-ELASTICA002
20. Numa Crew-“Out Trip”-Elastica-ELASTICA004
21. Numa Crew-“Lock”-Elastica-ELASTICA003
22. Numa Crew-“Monster Dub”-Elastica-ELASTICA004
23. Numa Crew-“Dema Style”-Elastica-ELASTICA003
24. Chimpo feat. Fox-“Steppin”-Contagious-CON022
25. Chimpo-“Bad Man No Friend Fish”- Contagious-CON019
26. Whitlabel Natural Mystic Music-NAT001

Download from Sendspace here: Vibes Promotion Bass Lap III Downloadlink

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