Vibes Promotion 21th September 2012

Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

Nice vibe, big beats and heavy bass are the ingredients of this 90 minits podcast. The opener is the brandnew "Wiggle&Wine" song by Longfingah and Steppa Style produced by Hardy Digital.   Another big release called "Great Stone/Great Dub" and come from the POWA CUT label both sides from this vinylrelease are great, the song would be remixed by the Truth, Aries, Vibrationlab und Tuffist this stuff coming soon. Other good music come from the One Drop, Japanese Reggae Toy Box and Scrub A Dub label and more. In this show you can listen  a mix between Digital Rock, Dub and Dubstep.

1. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
2. DJ Yama-“Big Ganja Spliff Version”-Reggae Toy Box-RTB005
3. Longfingah lgs. Steppa Style-“Wiggle&Wine”-Guerilljah-prerelease
4. Diegoja-“Big Ganja Spliff”-Reggae Toy Box-RTB005
5. Brother Culture-“Digital Rock 2012”-Ruffa Dubs-TFD005
6. Solo Banton-“No”-Maffi-/Jahtari-JTR007
7. Soom T-“Bring Down The Empire”-Reggae Toy Box-RTB004
8. ?-“Whisky Bar”-Jahmiga-JMG001
9. Original Kose-“Kokoro No Tomo”-Reggae Toy Box-RTB004
10. Little Kirk-”Free Up”-VI Connecetion rec/Patate Records-VIC004
11. King Lorenzo-“Free Up”-Greatest Friends RecordsGF009G
12. Alecia Keys&Sizzla-“If I Ain´t Got You (rmx)”-Music Mecka
13. Dan I Locks-“Illegal”-Belleville International-BEL763
14. Tayo meets Acid Rockers ft. PupaJim-“Vampaya”-Scrub A Dub-SCRUB005
15. Rhytem&Sound ft. Cornel Campell-“King In My Empire”-Burrial Mix-BM06
16. Jah Seal-“Slow And Deep”-One Drop-OD012
17. iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft. Longfingah-“Higher Calling”-prerelease
18. Prince Alla&Seanie T-“Great Stone”-POWA CUTS-002
19. ? ft. Barringtion Levy-“Dangerous (rmx)”-Whitlabel-DANGERAOUS001
20. ? ft. Dennis Brown-“Amagedion (rmx)”-Whitlabel-ARMN001
21. ? ft. Damian Marley-“Zion Road”-Whitlabel-DUBBYSTYLE002
22. ?-“?”-Whitlabel-WAR004
23. Gorgon Sound-“Can´t Take No More”-Peng Sound Records-PENGSOUND001
24. Max Powa-“Great Dub”-POWA CUTS-002
25. ECU-“Rootsman”-Origianl Formula-OF001
26. Dan I Locks-“Babylon Meltdown”-Belleville International-BEL762
27. Kokeshi-”Lung Broken”-Kokeshi007
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All 2012 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
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