Vibes Promotion on February 24th 2012

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Vibes Promotion comes with another Jungle Special this week. We focus on the classics for the most part : Jungle from the 90s! There´s a few newer tunes to the end of the show.

Here´s the Playlist:

Asian Dub Foundation feat. MC Navigator "Culture Move"
Freestylers feat. MC Navigator "Warning"
Jungle Brothers "V.I.P. - We Got It Goin' On" (Urban Takeover Mix)
Amazon II "King Of The Beat"
Bad Vibes & Potential Bad Boy "Bad Boy DJ"
Bad Vibes & Potential Bad Boy "Message Recieved"
Ganja Krew "Computerised Cops"
Andy C "Roll On"
Nookie "Celebrate Life"
The Interrogator "Awareness"
Cold Fusion "All Steppaz Out"
Dreadsquad "Caravan" (Kwazar Jungle Mix)
Congo Natty "Junglist" (Serial Killer Remix)
Congo Natty "Kunta Kinte"
Q Project "Champion Sound" (Doc Scott Remix)
DSF "Fine Day" (Remix)
Cut & Run "Sunshine"
Cut & Run "Over"
Phantasy, Shodan & UK Apache "Gimme Da Gal" (Dub Mix)
Krak In Dub "Tantrik Mandala"

Enjoy the show!

Listen to Vibes Promotion live every friday at 7 PM CET at raggakings.net

All 2012 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
However you can still download it from google drive as part of this archive:

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