Vibes Promotion 07th October 2011

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioThis week OHRWO starts one more time with the brand new ILLBiLLY HiTEC single featuring Longfingah & Zhi called Keep On Rolling. It´s going on with stuff taken from the upcoming Radikal Gurus LP on Moonshine Recordingings. Than OHRWO dubandstep on havy weighters, to name is the new PHONOCAKE release from Digi G´Alessio. Another featured release was from The Source and Soom T. The show came to end with the lovly Youth Riddim on Urban Tree Music and a short Sizzla tune fi tune. Enjoy all styles in one session from good to good.

ILLBiLLY HiTEC ft. Longfingah & Zhi - Keep On Rolling by iLLBiLLY HiTEC

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All 2011 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
However you can still download it from google drive as part of this archive:

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  1. Here are the results:

    Longfingah - Vibes Promotion Intro
    Unity Version – Maximum Sound – OHRWO Show Intro -
    ILLBiLLY HiTEC feat. Longfingah & ZHI MC – “Keep On Rolling” – Vibes Promotion Records - VIPR001
    Radikal Guru feat. Cian Finn – “Babylon Sky” – Moonshine Recordings- MS006.1
    Pinch feat. Rudey Lee (Distance rmx) – “One Blood, One Source” – Tectonic – TEC033
    Mr. Lager feat. Asher Dust – “Four Leaf Clover” – Sub Freq – FREQ005
    Echo_TM feat. Echo Ranks – “Skylarking” – Kanu Kanu – KANU001
    Inofaith – “Dawn Is Late” – Shipwrec – SHIP08
    Peter Evans & Jorge Hernandez – “Cranberry Goose” – EMB007V
    Benny Page – “Original Killa” – Subway Recordings – SUBWAYDS004
    Sukh Knight & Shandy – “Look At” - New World Audio – NWA001
    Unknown – “I Get My S**t” – Ringo Rec. 007
    Radikal Guru – “Ethnic” – Moonshine Recordings- MS006.1
    Radikal Guru – “Kali” – Moonshine Recordings- MS004
    Radikal Guru – “Dread Commandments” – Moonshine Recordings- MS006.1
    Unknown – WAR017
    Pawn&Emu feat. Werd2jah– “Headshot” – Smog006
    Chimpo – “Cerial Killa” – Contagious- CON022
    Kingdom/Girl Unit – “Ride It Every Time” – Night Slugs – NSWL009
    Von D& Mr Lager feat. Phephe – “You´re my…” – Boka Records – BOKALP001
    Digi G´Alessio – “Critiacal Mass” – Phonocake Records – PHOKE707
    Maffi – “Trouble Again Version” – Maffi – JTR09
    Pupajim – “Trouble Again” – Maffi – JTR09
    The Source feat. Soom T – “What Have I Done” – Renegademasters – RM001
    The Source feat. Soom T (An-Ten-Nae rmx) – “What Have I Done” – Renegademasters – RM001
    Jahtari Riddim Force – “We Will Destroy Your Planet” – Jahtari – JTRLP02
    Longfinah – “Strike Back” – Urban Tree Music – Youth Riddim
    Ganjaman – “W.H.A.D.L.F” – Urban Tree Music – Youth Riddim
    Benjie – “Update” – Urban Tree Music – Youth Riddim
    Brimstone&Fire – “Zeitlos” – Urban Tree Music – Youth Riddim
    Jennifer Washington – “Let´s Make A Sign” – Urban Tree Music – Youth Riddim
    Uwe Banton – “Thought I´d Let U Know” – Urban Tree Music – Youth Riddim
    Million Stylez – “Unity” – Maximum Sound
    Jah Nile – “Keep On Holding On” – Don Corleon Rec.
    Joseph Cotton& Manuella Star – “Strange Things” – Belleville International – Strange Things Riddim
    Sena& Ras MCBean – “Traveling So” – Irie Ites Rec. – Strange Things Riddim
    Sizzla – “Revolution” - Irie Ites Rec. – Strange Things Riddim
    Sizzla – “Really And Truly” – Greensleves Records
    Sizzla – “Mockries& Phrase” – Artists Only
    Sizzla – “Bless Bless” – VP Records
    Sizzla – “Protect Us& Bless Us” – Artists Only

    peace OHRWO