Vibes Promotion on August 8th 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

This weeks show may contain traces of wobble!
Other ingredients: deep basslines, hypnotizing pads, big room reverbs
and long delays. Everything we love about Dub and Dubstep.

Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Ras Stone, Dub Terminator & Bandulu Dub "Babylon Your Days Are Numbered"
Bandulu Dub ft. Sammy Gold "Ganja Farmer" (Dub Terminator Remix)
Mr Benn ft. Serocee "Rising Star" (Jstar Remix)
Rusko "Jah Love"
JahYu "Poor Sinnerman"
Synkro "King Of Kings"
Radikal Guru "Earthwalker"
Radikal Guru "Outernational"
Bukkha "Under" (Radikal Guru Mix)
Bukkha "Drift"
Bukkha "Black Angels"
Dub Terminator ft. Ras Stone "Bad Mind" (Jstar Remix)
Dub Terminator ft. Ras Stone "Bad Mind" (Jstar Dub)
Alpha Steppa ft. Cian Finn "9 Years" (Dub)
Alpha Steppa ft. Gregory Isaacs "Crucial Steppa"
Adam Prescott "Shang Kuan Cheng"
JahYu "Chuno Kinte"
J-Path "Threshing Ground" (Alpha Steppa Remix)
Dub Fiend "Murda"
Dub Dynasty ft. N'goni "Unrelenting Force"
Alpha Steppa ft. Flex Zagazzow "Highest Grade"
Alpha Steppa ft. Lutan Fyah "Two Sacred Swords" (DJ Madd Remix)
Radikal Guru "Spaced Out"
6Blocc "Sweet Dub"
SKANX "Afrika" (6Blocc Steppers Remix)
Greenjah "Intent"
Bukkha "Night Lights"

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Vibes Promotion 1st August 2014

Vibes Promotion with Tactus and OHRWO

In that Vibes Promotion podcast we had a big and exclusiv mix by Tactus within brand new upcoming EP called Relocate (official releasdate 04.08.2014) inside.
The scottish producer/DJ Tactus – head of ABAGA Records – show some tracks of his new EP "Relocate". The ‘Relocate EP’ is a collection of tracks made at different points over the last 3 years, and will be available for a ‘name your price’ download. Despite being recorded at different times, the songs work together, melding jungle sounds with short edits of reggae vocals and rhythmical basslines, which translate well to dance floors, while retaining melody and a relaxed atmosphere. OHRWO play finest reggea flavoured bassstep by also big labels like Moonshine Recordings, Peng Sound, Fogata Sound and Dub Tunnel  for example. Enjoy the music!

Playlist Producer-“Tune”-Label-Catnr.

Tactus (ABAGA Rec.) Part:
01. Fable - Dub Fiend
02. Commodo - Earl 1.6
03. Mungo's Hi Fi - Rules of the Dance Ft.
Charlie P (Kahn Remix)
04. Tunnidge - 7 Breaths (Distance Remix)
Mala - Miracles (Commodo Remix)
Numa Crew - Knowledge
07. Soulware - Drawn Together (Live Mix)
08. Tactus - Change (feat. Rebecca Mason)
09. Horace Andy - Skylarking (DJ Madd Remix)
10. B9 - Tweed
11. Mercy - Barbados
Gantz - Cave Dance
D-Operation Drop & Geode - Angkor
14. LAS - Need Fire
15. D-Operation Drop - Chainsaw
16. Tactus - Disregard
17. Congi & Fable - Smokers Dance
18. Lurka - Refresher (Gantz Remix)
19. Clearlight - Circular Thinking (LAS Remix)
20. B9 & Mercy - Egg Yolk
21. Tactus - Get Off
22. Digid - Righteous Soldier
Gantz - Second Nature
Zion Train - Share The Flame (Radikal Guru Remix)
25. Hylu & Jago 'meet' Sleepy Time Ghost feat. onlyjoe - Concrete
26. Silkie vs Truth – Feel

01.Tippa Irie-“Loud&Clear(Dubstep rmx)”-Fogata Sounds-FOGATA06
02. Killa Sounds-Killa001
03. Jah Mason-“Wicked Man(Dubstep rmx)”- Fogata Sounds-FOGATA05
04. 6Blocc meets Bungalo Dub ft. Jamalski-“Pressure Dub”-Moonshine Records-MS008
05. Unknown-“Everyman Dub”-Ghetto Knowledge-GK004
06. Radikal Guru ft. YT-„Stay Calm“-Moonshine Records-MSLP001
07. Author ft. Dan Man-“Jah Live”-Black Box-BlackBox034
08. Zion Train ft. Jazzmin TVTVM-“Share The Flame(Radikal Guru rmx)-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.2
09. Gorgon Sound-“Orion”-Peng Sound!-PENGSOUND003
10. Dubble ft. Vanya-“Rise Up”-Dub Tunnel Records-DT003
11. Dubble-“Rise Dub”-Dub Tunnel Records-DT003



Vibes Promotion on July 25th 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion: Ghetto Funk Special with DrmZ

Sure, I allready played some Ghetto Funk tunes in recent shows. Got a lot more over the last month. So why not do a proper special?
For me Ghetto Funk is the perfect bridge between Mashups and Breaks. Nice tempo to dance to. And its not all about the wobbles anymore. I feel like this style is really maturing. Thats one reason I love the tunes so much Fort Knox Five from Washington is releasing. Funky and intelligent. If you're interested check their latest LP: 10 Years of Fort Knox Five Remixed and their wonderfull mixtape series: Funk The World. Another site /label worth checking out is ghettofunk.co.uk.

Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Empresarios "Maria Juana" (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Fort Knox Five"The Brazilian Hipster"
Lakeshore Drive "Two For The Crates"
Dads On Display ft. PRofit "Tickle The Ivories"
All Good Funk Alliance "Closer To The Edge" (Dads on Display Remix)
Deekline & Ed Solo "Bad Boys" (Ed Solo & Stickybuds Remix)
Youthfull Implants ft. Ragga Twins "Hold That Gyal" (Tom Showtime & DJ Maars Remix)
Bob Marley "Could This Be Love" ( Krafty Kuts Remix)
Deekline & Ed Solo "No No No" (Slynk Remix)
Hotline Zero "The Hot Leper"
Hotline Zero "Welcome To Shamrock"
Mooqee ft. Herbgrinder "Sound Around Town"
B-Side Ft. Kymberley Kennedy "Dope Rider" (The Captain Remix)
Funk Ferret & Imagine This "Apply The Pressure" (Funkanomics remix)
Too Many T's "1992" (D End Remix)
Kotch "Funk Out"
Jem Stone ft. MC Mouthmaster Murf & MC Goldseal "Top O' The Town" (Featurecast Remix)
Lack Jemmon " Theory Test"
Timewarp Inc. "Humus" (AfroQBen Remix)
SkiiTour "The Program"
Al Wilson "The Snake" (Leo Remix)
Slynk "Hey You"
A.Skillz ft. Nick Thayer "Drop the Funk"
Empresarios "Salsa De Gala" (All Good Funk Alliance Remix)
Fort Knox Five "Blowing Up The Barrio" (Mo Horizons Soundsystem Restyle)
Fort Knox Five "Papa Was Stoned"
Omegaman "El O'man Boogaloo" (All Good Funk Alliance Remix)
Fort Knox Five ft. Sleepy Wonder & Zeebo (Featurecast Remix)
Ed Solo & Deekline ft. Million Dan & Kidd Money "Number 1 Champion"
Black Rose "Anthem"

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Vibes Promotion 18th July 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

War, every where war. In that Vibes Promotion Show OHRWO think about war in this time. Propaganda and killing takes place in this so modern time and it hits a lot of innocent people. Stand up for peace!
But music can only warn.
You can hear a lot of new und great stuff in that podcast. So check the playlist and enjoy this deep and warning music. 


01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Unitone Dub-“Dub Peace”-Reality Shock Records-RSR005
03. Mikey Murka-“War”-Reality Shock Records-RSR005
04. Bob Marley& The Wailers-“One Love/People Get Ready”-Island Records
05. Max Romeao& The Upsetters-“War Inna Babylon”-Island Records
06. Jacob Miller-“Peace Treaty”-VP Records
07. Desmond Deckker-“Problems(Live)”-Trojan Records
08. Desmond Deckker-“Rude Boy Train(Live)”-Trojan Records
09. Bitty McLean+Josey Wales-“Runnig Over/Nuh One A Dem”-Silent River(Taxi)-SR006
10. Dubble ft. Dan Man-“Politricks”-Dub Tunnel Records-DT03
11. Dubble-”Dub Tricks”-Dub Tunnel Records-DT03
12. Don Fe-“Stand Firm& Pray”-Steppas Records-AS914
13. Dubaskm-“Heartical Stories”-Peng Sound-DOLP
14. Marga-“Sail On”-Mighty Oak-MOAK02
15. Jofis-“Sailing Dub”- Mighty Oak-MOAK02
16. I Neurologici-“Quassam"-Real Rock-RCK002
17. Dubaskm-“Ancient Order”-Peng Sound-DOLP
18. WhoDem.Sound-“Anxious Dub”-WHODEM001
19. Dub War& Infra-“If It´s Not The Police”-ZamZam20
20. DJ Madd-“Thru Hell Dub”-ZamZam18
21. Digstep + Stryda-“Victory”-Dubaskm-DUBK023
22. Don Fe-“Jericho”-Steppas Records-AS914
23. Radikal Guru-“Earthwalker”-Moonshinerecordings-MSLP001
24. Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Charlie P-“Rules Of The Dance(Kahn rmx)”-Scrub A Dub-SCRUB010
25. Ishan Sound-“Namkha(Kahn rmx)”-Tectonic-TEC077
26. Flowdan-“Ambush”-Hyperdub10.1-HDB081
27. Mala-“Expected, Level 10”-Hyperdub 10.1-HDB082
28. Jungle till end

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Vibes Promotion on July 11th 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

This show is all about Cumbia and Cumbia Dub.
Featuring artists from all over the world like: Sonido Satanas (Mexico),
Calle 13 (Puerto Rico), El Hijo De La Cumbia (Argentina),
Dragao (Colombia), Candelaria (USA), Superpendejos (Mexico),
Andrés Digital (Germany), Cumbia Rockers All Stars (France),
Boogat (Canada) and many more...

Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Eclectic Roots Ensemble "Babylon Can't Play Cumbia" (Piper Street Sound Cumbia-Dub Remix)
Dragao "La Luz del Sol"
Cumbia Rockers All Stars "La Luz del Sol"
LoveAvalanche ft. BenJammin "More Love, Less Corruption" (Bigote Remix)
Peter Tosh " Legalize it" (Kinky Electric Noise Remix)
Alguacil Dubkilla & Dub Unit "Ganjaman"
Candelaria "No No No"
Candelaria "Las Cruces"
Alborosi "La Cumbia Revolucion" (Cumbia Adubada)
Superpendejos "La Princesa De La Cumbia"
Boogat "Montrealesa" (G-Flux Remix)
Calle 13 "Atrévete te te"
Jaime Roots "Partido" (Tulio SP)
Rafael Aragon, El Mayonesa, Mc Chocolate del Caribe "Maquina de Palabra"
JStjr "Cerveja" (Andrés Digital Remix)
El Hijo De La Cumbia "Para Bailar" (Alika Y Nueva Alianza Remix)
Watcha Clan "We Are One" (Superpendejos Remix)
Boogat "Creída" (El Hijo De La Cumbia Remix)
DJ Quien "Cumbia Libre de Mentiras"
Mambotur "Cumbia Dub"
Kinky Electric Noise "Campesino Urbano" (Dub)
Jimmy Cliff  "Guns of Brixton" (Kinky Electric Noise Remix)
Ken Boothe, Ms Dynamite, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill "When I Fall In Love" (Andrés Digital Cumbia Remix)
El Hijo De La Cumbia "Conciencia de Barrio"
Boogat "Llévame pallá" (Javier Estrada Remix)
Sonido Satanas ft. Brendiva "Amor de crucero"
Sean Paul "Get Busy" (Remix Cumbia)
UB40 "Reefer Madness" (Kinky Electric Noise Remix)
Alto Peru "San La Muerte" (KEN Remix)
BOOGAT "Wow" (Poirier Remix)
Mambotur "Salpica"

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Vibes Promotion 4th July 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

Rootsreggae and dubvibes by Horace Andy, Yabby U and Culture Roots are waiting. UK reggae by Reality Shock Records and wicked stuff by Mungo´s Hi Fi and german Jahtari label are inside that latest Vibes Promotion jugglin. 

And please - take care of the BIG FAT CAT !

VP 04.07.2014 Vinyllist

01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Kris Kemist-“Acient Time Dub”-Reality Shock Records-RSR012
03. Horace Andy-“Zion Gate”-Jamaican Records-JRSLP002
04. Horace Andy-“Zion Dub”-Jamaican Records-JRSLP002
05. Yabby You& The Prophets-“Mash Down”-Pressure Sounds-PSLP084
06. Culture Roots-“Age Of Creation”-Revoutionary Sounds
07. Culture Roots-“Age Of CreationDub”-Revoutionary Sounds
08. Afrikan Simba-“Man Of Today”-Reality Shock Records-RSR012
09. Ca$hima $teele-“Big Fat Cat”-Realty Shock Records-RSR018
10. Aqua Livi-“Riots In The Street”-Reality Shock Records-RSR011
11. Cheftain Joseph ft. Deadly Hunta-“Wake Up”-Realty Shock Records-RSR015
12. Errol Dunkley ft. Daddy Freddy-“You’ve Been Bad”- Realty Shock Records-RSR017
13. Cheftain Joseph-“Farmer”-Realty Shock Records-RSR015
14. Million Stylez-“Total Control”-Realty Shock Records-RSR017
15. Jah Screetchy-“Love We A Deal With”-Jahtari-JTRLP06
16. Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Peter Metro & Squiddly-“Gunman Posse”-Scotch Bonnet Records-SCOBLP004
17. 7ft Soundsystem ft. Mentor Irie-“Shut you Mouth”-Jahtari-JTRLP06
18. Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Charlie P-“Rules Of The Dance”-Scrub A Dub-SCRUB010
19. Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Charley P-“Traveller”-Scotch Bonnet Records-SCOBLP004
20. Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Pupa Jim-“Bike Rider”-Scotch Bonnet Records-SCOBLP004
21. WUDUB!? And Tobi-Wan-Kenobi-“In The Mornig”-Ledebronx Recordings-9050-001
22. Digistep + Stryda-“Victory Verse IV”-Dubaskm-DUBK023

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Vibes Promotion 13th June 2014

Vibes Promotion with Dexter Dub and OHRWO

A new Pocast for you, with a exclusiv mix by Dexter Dub within brand new upcoming Album called Dubbylon Soldier.
The mix has a central feature of Dub music, such as heavy bass lines and sounds dubbing into space, but each one tries to establish his own concept. The pieces do have different moods, tempi and are rooted in different cultural backgrouds. Take notice of that heavy stuff and get in touch for the first time with the music of Dexter Dub album release mix (Releasedate was 13.06.2014). OHRWO play than some dubby and later heavy dubstep sounds. Enjoy it and give us some feedback

Dexter Dub – Dubbylon Soldier LP Preview mix:

1. Dexter Dub Roots & Culture feat King Smitt & Terence Paul Nippes Home Productions Earritation
2. Mungos Hifi Hire & Removal Refix feat Eek-A-Mouse Scrub-a-Dub
3. Dexter Dub Dubbylon Soldier feat Pelican Nippes Home Productions Dubbylon Soldier
RSD Herbsman Hustlin Angel's Egg
5. Dexter Dub Steppin it Harder feat Pelican (EP-Edit) Nippes Home Productions Collaboration Collection EP 1 (coming soon)
6. Gorgon Sound Orion Peng Sound Gorgon Sound EP
7. Dexter Dub Jonny Dub feat Pelican Nippes Home Productions Dubbylon Soldier
8. Bassador Future Skank Subbass Dubstep Made In Germany 2
9. Dexter Dub Ich Rauch feat Ronny Trettmann Nippes Home Productions Dexters Dub Dimension
10. Dipswitch Riddim Macka Basspräsidium Records Basspräsidium Records Compilation 1
11. Dexter Dub Dub Out Of The Box Nippes Home Productions Dubbylon Soldier
12. Disrupt True Creators Jahtari Foundation Bit
13. Dexter Dub Give Thanks feat Pelican Nippes Home Productions Collaboration Collection EP 1 (coming soon)

Check the full album on soundcloud here

OHRWO Part - Vinyllist

1. Naph-Tali-“The 22nd Dub”-Jah Warrior-JWD001
2. Kromstar-“Budwise”-Z-Dubting-DUBTING004
3. Mala-„Serious“-DMZ-DMZ2LP002
4. Unknown-RUFFCUT#2
5. Pinch & Moving Ninja-”False Flag”-Tectonic-TEC028
6. Benga ft. E-Sharp-“Thougts In Retrospect”-RINSE002
7. Thelem ft. T-Man-“Bring Me Down”-Innamind Recordings-IMRV007
8. Coki-“All Of A Sudden”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI003
9. Synkro-Unknown-EARZ001
10. RogueState-“Can´t Take The Pressure”-Tricksta Recordings-TR006
11. DJ Madd ft. Horace Andy-“Cus Cus”-Moonshine Recordings-MS011
12. Unknown-“Rotten”-Ghetto Knowledge-GK001
13. Unknown-Dangerous001
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Announcement for that Friday 13th June 2014

Vibes Promotion with Dexter Dub and OHRWO

That friday we have a exclusiv mix by Dexter Dub within brand new upcoming Album called Dubbylon Soldier.
The mixll has a central feature of Dub music, such as heavy bass lines and sounds dubbing into space, but each one tries to establish his own concept. The pieces do have different moods, tempi and are rooted in different cultural backgrouds.

Take notice and don´t miss that heavy stuff and get in touch for the first time with it sound. 13.06.2014 7pm live @ www.raggakings.net!!

 Listen to Vibes Promotion live this friday at 7 PM CET at raggakings.net


Vibes Promotion on May 30th 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

This show starts with a few tracks from the new Mash-Up-LP "Yasiin Gaye - The Departure (Side One)". Nashville based producer Amerigo Gazaway skillfully blends tracks from Marvin Gaye with the vocals of Mos Def in the first episode of his Soul Mates series. Side One was released on February 26th. You can download it for free here: Soulmatesproject/Bandcamp.
Side Two will be released in the next days!
Then we go into a long Ragga-Jungle set with lots of tunes from 2013 and 2014 featuring aritsts like Congo Natty, Ricky Tuff, Serial Killaz, JFB, Lost City JNGL, Ed Solo & Deekline...
And finally a bunch of Reggae and Bass tunes in the last 20 minutes.

Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Yasiin Gaye ft. Talib Kweli "Definition of Infinity"
Yasiin Gaye "Travellin' Man Pt. II" (Distant Lovers Mix)
Yasiin Gaye "I Want You 'Til The Summertime"
Yasiin Gaye "Peculiar Mathematics"
Yasiin Gaye ft. Teddy Pendergrass "The Panties"
Wakcutt & Cain.1 "Night Nurse"
Ed Solo & Deekline ft. Darrison "English Queens"
JFB "Tequila Sunrise"
Lost City vs. Shabba Ranks "Ting A Ling Remix"
Jinx In Dub "Amen In Session"
Ed Solo & Deekline "Bad Boys"
Congo Natty ft. Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy & Nanci Correia "Get Ready"
Ragga Twins "Lalabella VIP" (Kenny Ken Remix)
Dossa ft. Deliman " Rock a Dub"
Ricky Tuff ft. Ras Mac Bean "Brighter Day" (Jungle VIP Mix)
Ricky Tuff "Blind To You"
JFB "Five On It"
Serial Killaz "Jamaican Boy"
Marcus Visionary "Ganja"
Top Cat "A Friend In Need" (Panik and M-Rode Mix)
Run Tingz Cru ft. Topcat "Sweet Sunshine"
Serial Killaz "In Your Eyes"
Slynk "Bad Duppy Walk"
Ricky Tuff "It's All Love"
Serial Killaz "Good Enough"
Kenny Ken "Murder You" (Stickbubbly Remix)
Colin Roach ft. General Degree "Bury You"
Mr. Vegas "Gimme A Light"
Wayne Marshall "The Right Herb"
DJ Fresh ft. Ce'Cile "Gold Dust" (HEDS SHY FX NO DNB EDIT)
Lost City "Run It"
Lost City "Gonna Get Tougher"
Stylo G "Soundbwoy"
Ninjaman "Ninja Mi Ninja"

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Vibes Promotion on May 16th 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

Another long podcast. Over two hours of finest bass and offbeats.
And its not getting boring, no worries! Lots of new tracks in this show.
Starting with some bass heavy tracks like Stylo G's "Soundbwoy" remixed by Wundah; "OG Roots" and the "In Your Eyes" remix featuring Johnny Osbourne from Lost City - the heavy new jungle project of Noah D and No Thing from L.A.; or Dub Unit ft. Speng Bound's "Ganja Man" in a massive Dub Terminator Remix.
After a little jungle selection it gets funky in the second hour. My favourite tune here is Leo's "24ct Funk" - a ghetto funk mashup of Jurassic Five's "Whats Golden". Big tune!
Finally the show closes with some nice dancehall and reggae classics. Enjoy!

Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Wick-It The Instigator "We Have Arrived" (Re-Spliffed)
Stylo G "Soundbwoy" (Wundah Remix)
Lost City ft. Johnny Osbourne "In Your Eyes" (Remix)
Dub Unit ft. Speng Bound "Ganja Man" (Dub Terminator Remix)
Gravediggaz "Night The Earth Cried" (Ben HedibiIn Jerusalem Remix)
Titan Sound vs. Foxy Brown "Billy Oh"
Collie Budz "Hustle" (Streetwise DJ Edit)
Dub Pistols "Gun Shot" (JID Remix)
Lost City "OG Roots"
High Contrast "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
Hitmaker & Konshens "Show Mi" (J Bostron Bootleg Remix)
Dada Afrik & Kalcia "Real Gal" (Remix)
Jungle Bwoy "Weed" (High Grade Weed Remix)
Benny Page "Turn Down the Lights"
Visionary "She Makes Me Feel" (Division One VIP Mix)
Simon Sayz feat. Cheeba, Diana Levi & Stama Ra "Spokój"
AfroQBen "Hypnotize Me"
Kanye West & Nas & Kris "Classic" (Cut La Vis Jungle Lion Blend)
DJ Cut La Vis ft. Serocee "Granny"
Max Rubadub ft. Tom Fire & Taiwan MC "Weed Get Me High" (JID Remix)
Jay Lee & Jen Dog "Love Is What You Need"
P-Dub "Got To Keep On Movin"
Lauryn Hill "Lost Ones" (DJ Inko Remix)
Cedar Senior & Imagine This "Funk Im Kickin" (Alias VIP)
James Brown "Sex Machine" (Funk Ferret & Goodgroove Remix)
X-Ray Ted "Bend That Back"
Rufus Thomas "Funky Hot Grits" (Rollomatik Remix)
Lack Jemmon "Hello World, Hello Lorde"
Leo "24ct Funk"
Route 94 "My Love" (WBBL Remix)
Kelis ft. T.O.K. & Beenie Man "Trick Me Twice" (Remix)
Collie Budz "Mamacita" (Blend Mishkin Remix)
Ms. Thing "Get That Money"
M.I.A. "Galang"
Sham Sham "99 Hearts"
Shaggy "Big Up"
BobMarley & The Wailers "Could You Be Loved"
Black Uhuru "Party Next Door"
Singer Blue "If I Know Jah"
Bush Chemists & King General "Who Say We Done"
Kenny Knots "Rock Inna Dancehall"
Top Cat "Herbalist"
Dubmatix & Tenor Fly "Show Down" (Bass Bin Remix)
Saian Supa Crew "Angela"

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Vibes Promotion 9th May 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with Shady lgs. OHRWO

An new session for you with a lot of vibes present by Shady on the mic and OHRWO at the turntables. The playlist of the selection is given below and they is full of digital, reggae and dub. Run it and give us some feedback.


01. The Illuminiated-“Truth & Right”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.2
02. Micah Shemaiah ft. T.J., Empress Sativa,Jahkome, Infinite-“Dread At The Control”-EDB
03. Ranking Levy-“Mad Man Style”-Jahtari-JTRLP0074
04. Lord Sassafrass-“Talking Yardie”- Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-10
05. Maffi-“Heidi Riddim”-Maffi/Jahtari-JTR-09
06. Junior Roy-“Run Di Session”-Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-10
07. Speng Bond-“White Horse”- Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-09
08. Don Camilo-“Run Come”-Jamafra
09. Dubunit ft. Speng Bond-“Ganjaman(Delmighty Sounds rmx)”-Cubiculd Records-CB12001
10. Mr. Williamz-“Sit Down Steady”-Jahtari/Maffi
11. El Fata-“Rocking In The Frontline”-Scotch Bonnet Records-SCOB036
12. Pupajim-“Trouble Again”-Maffi/Jahtari-JTR009
13. “Your Love”-Scotch Bonnet
14. White Mice-“It´s A Shame”-Intelitec Muzik
15. Mankind-“Them A Hustler”
16. Mankind-“Country Life”
17. Nicodemus-“Earth & Moon”-Witty
18. Tony Tuff-“Cool It”-Witty
19. Echo Minott-“Follow Me”-Witty
20. Dennis Brown-“Cosmic Force”-Observer
21. Marcia Grithiths-“Better Days”-Jasafar
22. Glen Washington-“Got To Be Free”-Jasafar
23. Fiona-“Don´t Stop”-Jasafar
24. Sizzla-“One Away”-Brick Wall
25. Capleton-“Ragga Road”-Brick Wall
26. Gregory Isaacs-“No Matter”-Jammy$ Records
27. Bush Man-“Babylon Dead”-Jammy$ Records
28. Power Man-“Working For God“-Jammy$ Records
29. Black Uhuru-“I Love King Selassie”- Jammy$ Records
30. Vibration Lab ft. Wayne Jarrett-”Buy You Gold”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.1
31. Horace Andy-“Youth Of Today”-Blood And Fire
32. Horace Andy-“Jah Youth”-Blood And Fire
33. Horace Andy-“Don´t Let Problems Get You Down”-Blood And Fire
34. Horace Andy-“No Problem”-Blood And Fire
35. Numa Crew-“Nowledge”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.1
36. Compa-“One Lion”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.1

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Vibes Promotion 2nd May 2014

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

After midnight the morning come! This Podcast is prepaired for it. Beginning with a freedom section OHRWO support the big new Moonshine Recordings releases. By the end there is more experimental bassdrums by Mashinedrum, A/T/O/S, Ruckspin, AKKORD and more.

Try to hear it and give us a feedback!


01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Adam Prescott-“A State Of Mind”-Liondub International-LNDB020
03. Aldubb ft. Longfingah-“Cool Down”-Irie ItesMusic-IIM018
04. Lutan Fyah-“I Wasn´t Born To Suffer”-Gunjah Records-GJSP002
05. Juakali-“Run Babylon”-Gunjah Records-GJSP001
06. Babylon Station-“Run Babylon”-Gunjah Records-GJSP002
07. Babylon Station ft. Brother Com-“Freedom Dub”-Gunjah Records-GJSP001
08. Echo Ranks ft. Dubble-“Freedom Fighter”-Dub Tunnel Records-DT001
09. Dubble-“Freedom Dubber”- Dub Tunnel Records-DT001
10. Max Romeo & Eek a Mouse-“No Peace”-Powa Cuts-POWA CUTS003
11. WL-1DROP002
12. Author ft. Dan Man-“Jah Live”-Black Box
13. Breakage ft. David Rodigan-“Together”-Digital Soundboy-SBOY019
14. Rob Sparx-“After Midnight”-SPARX001
15. Radikal Guru ft. Dan Man-„Know Yourself“-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP001
16. Theory & DanJah Wise-“Tribulation”-45Seven-4575
17. Numa Crew-“Knowledge”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.1
18. Vibration Lab ft. Wayne Jarrett-“Buy You Gold”- Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.1
19. The Illuminiated-“Truth & Right”-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.2
20. Kalbata-“Man God”- Moonshine Recordings-MSLP002.2
21. Goth-Trad & Ruckspin-“Behind The Glass”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI070
22. Akkord X Special Request-“ HTH vs HTH”- HTH016
23. Machinedrum-“Gunshotta(Fracture´s ‘Astrophonica rmx)”-Ninja Tunes-ZEN12373
24. A/T/O/S-“Interlude”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDiLP009
25. A/T/O/S-“Interlude”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDiLP009
26. Hatti Vatti + Synkro-“Tokyo”-New Moon Recordings-NMNLP001
27. Hatti Vatti-“72 Dub”- New Moon Recordings-NMNLP001

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