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Vibes Promotion 1st June 2018

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

We start with a graet new recorded Ken Boothe song at the great Inna De Yard concept and the big Bim Sherman remix by Mungo´s Hifi at Scotch Bonnet. Than you get a roundup of the new DOLP by Jahyu(Steppas Records) and the massiv Bukez Finezt Decade Of Wheight on Sub Way Records heavy heavy stuff! We like it.
Later the madness goes on with some expermental bass styles.

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Vibes Promotion 23rd June 2017

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

OHRWO starts with roots and reggae and dubbing than away with Steinregen Dubsystem, Fleck & Blue Hill, Ishan Sound and Alpha Steppa. The bassline get brighter and get breaking. Enjoy ;)


1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. Mafia & Fluxy-“Version”-Jaguar
3. Culture Rock´s-„Age Of Creation“-Revolutionary Sounds
4. Horace Andy-“Ain´t No Sunshine”-Jaguar
5. The Man X-“It Won´t Come Easy”-Impact
6. Alborosie-“Don´t Pressure It”-VP Music-VPGRSRL7010
7. YT with Nucleus Roots-“Revolution Time”-Renegade MastersCRM004
8. Trinity-“Gambler”-Heavyweight Station-HS7001
9. Freddy Mellow-“Sweet Meditation”-One Drop Music-OD022
10. Steinregen Dubsystem-“Nautilus”
11. Alpha Steppa meet Don Fe and Reality Check-„M-Theory“-Steppa Records-AS1114
12. Ishan Sound ft. Ras Addis-“Clash Of The Titans”-Peng! Sound Records- PENGSOUND002
13. Gorgon Sound-“Who Ah De Gorgon”- Peng! Sound Records-PENGSOUND004
14. Fleck & Blue Hill feat. I-Lodica-“Aphreka Dub”-Ulan Bator-ULAN005
15. D-Operation Drop-“Body Rock”-Lion Charge Records-LIONCHG008
16. White-WAR008
17. Om Unit & Moresounds-“Nuff Music”-Cosmic Bridge Records-CBR022
18. Pato Banton-“Nice Up The Session”- Nice Up!NUPFADLP01
19. DRS ft. Utah Jazz-“Sin”-Soul:R-SOULR080
20. and some Jungle and Drum and Bass...


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Vibes Promotion 12th May 2017

Vibes Promotion with Henry Scratchynski and OHRWO

Welcome to the next Vibes Promotion Podcast with one of the creative sub culture artist from Dresden called Henry Scratchynski.
He is a part of Infinite Sequence and Funky Monkey crew and a founding member of he DAVE movement. Look for these events when you have been in Dresden.
For hosting and supporting open minded art and culture.
One of them musical concepts are that music has no borders and so you can enjoy a fine  guestmix of Grime, Rap, Trap and Dubstepmusic.

OHRWO host that in the second part with some bassrelated music.

Enjoy! #vipr1205 share and care

VIPR 12.05.2017 Playlist lgs. Henry Scratchynski

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. DJ Madd-“Kunta Kinte 3017 Riddim”-Dub-Stuy Records-DS-RS002

Henry Scratchynski part:

3. Rejjie Snow - Crooked Cops 
4. Danny Brown - Today 
5. JME - Work 
6. Gantz - Free Focus (Commodo Remix) 
7. Wiley - And Again 
8. Nasty Nasty - Desert Sun
9. Up High Collective - Fragma 
10. Deus Doshy - Automatic Drug 
11. Booster Doshy - Toys 
12. Mykki Blanco - Haze.Boogie.Life 
13. Redlyfe Paingang - Brooklyn 
14. Lunice - Can't Wait To Run 
15. The Jewels - Love Again 
16. MazeOne - Gold Tooth 
17. Danny Brown - Really Doe 
18. Kendrick Lamar - Humble 
19. Ward 21 - Petrol 
20. Coco Bryce - Loopa 
21. Banganagangbangers - Elevated 
22. Origins Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows 
23. G Jones & Bleep Bloop - Plastic Flower People 
24. Vince Staples - BagBak 
25. Alix Perez - Tempest 
26. Danny Scrilla - Tell Dem 
27. TITLE - Boogie Drol 
28. The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By 
29. Jonwayne - These Words Are Everything 
30. Peet - Wrap

OHRWO part:

31. Siskiyou-“Afterlife”-Navy Cut-NAVYCUT003
32. Kaiju ft. Flowdawn-“Hunter”-Osiris Music-OSMUK029
33. Goth-Trad ft. Max Romeo-“Babylon Fall”-Deep Medi Muzik-MEDI048
34. Von D-“Trip To Atlantis”-Moonshine Records-MS034
35. Danny Scrilla-“Riddim”- Cosmic Bridge Records-CBR022
36. Burro Banton-“Nah Sell Out”- Dub-Stuy Records-DS-RS002
37. Squarewave& Doctor-“Police Officer(Vital Techniques&Mikey B rmx)”-Scrub A Dub-SCRUB013
38. Breakage-„Staggered Dub(Sam Binga rmx)“-Critical Music-CRIT089
39. Atiq ft. Daddy Freddy-“From Dusk Till Dawn(TMSV rmx)”-“MDUBS001”
40. TMSV-“Jazz Error”- Cosmic Bridge Records-CBR020
41. DRS ft. Utah Jazz-“Sin”-Soul:R-Soull:r080
42. Sam Binga ft. Rider Shafique-„Mind&Spirit(Breakage rmx)“-Critical Music-CRIT089
43. Alborosie meets King Jammy-“Dub Cinderella”-VP Records-VPGSRL7027


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Vibes Promotion 06th January 2017

Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

We wish a great 2K17! Peng!

Welcome to a next podcast with heartful and innovative music& sound.

At first save you a copie from the great Social Sounds DOLP, one of the best musicproject last year with many big big tunes by big big artists and producers. – Watch Out –
Stepping Social for humanity and bun the racism.
Also watch out for the Railroad Records 7"s relaesed by Jah Schulz with live musican Tribuman with big bangers. In the secound part OHRWO change the mood into teknical club sound with Sam Binga, Chimpo, TMSV, Alix Perez and EPROM, WOW!
In the end there is a special DOLP promotion for Kimyan Law called ZAWADI on Blu Mar Ten Records.

Enjoy and have a good time!

VIPR 06.01.2017 Vinyllist

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. King Tubbys-“Sunshine Dub”-TEEM-TM2
3. Beam Up ft. Katya Tasheva-“Mother”-Solidarity Dubs-SOLIDUBS
4. Jah Schulz-“Rise Up”-Railroad Records-RRR02
5. Dubticker-“Do It Dub”-Solidarity Dubs-SOLIDUBS
6. Tayo meets Earl 16-“Making Our Music”-Zam Zam Sounds-ZamZam47
7. Jahyu-“Aspiration”-Solidarity Dubs-SOLIDUBS
8. C Side-”Early Day Dub(Cessman rmx)”-Green King Cuts-GKC001
9. Drew´s Theory-“Keep In Mind”-MWM Recordings-MWM001
10. Radikal Guru ft. Jay Spaker-„Build Fire“-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP006
11. Blue Hill-“Solidarity Dub”- Solidarity Dubs-SOLIDUBS
12. Radikal Guru ft. Violinbwoy-“Desert Flower”- Moonshine Recordings-MSLP006
13. Apha Steppa meets High Public Sound ft. I-Sarana-“The River”-Steppas Records-AS1416
14. Jah Schulz-“Dub Mafia”- Railroad Records-RRR001
15. Bukkha ft. Junior Dread& Skelli Skell-“Ruling Sound”-Moonshine Recordings-MS028
16. Bukkha ft. Junior Dread& Skelli Skell-“Ruling Sound (TMSV rmx)”-Moonshine Recordings-MS028
17. Sam Binga& Chimpo-“For Those Who Like Sweet”-Critical System 007
18. Sam Binga& Chimpo-“Sassy Riddim”-Critical System-CRITSYS007
19. Alix Perez& EPROM-“Cryptic”-1985-ONEFLTD001
20. Chimpo-“War Tanker”- Critical System-CRITSYS007
21. TMSV-“Over Out”-Cosmic Bridge Records-CBR017
22. Kimyan Law-“Sakania”-Blu Mar Ten Music-BMTLP007
23. Kimyan Law-“Lavender”-Blu Mar Ten Music-BMTLP007
24. Kimyan Law ft. Clara Luzia-“Magic”-Blu Mar Ten Music-BMTLP007
25. Kimyan Law-“White Moth Anthem”-Blu Mar Ten Music-BMTLP007
26. Kimyan Law-“Yore Dub”-Blu Mar Ten Music-BMTLP007
27. Radikal Guru Earl 16-„Move Alone”“-Moonshine Recordings-MSLP006
28. Naram ft. Tenor Youthman-“Golden Rule”-Scotch Bonnet-SCOBLP007
29. Dree Island-“Live Forever“-Natural High Music-NHM7001


Thanks for feedback.
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Vibes Promotion 26th August 2016

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

A summer of music get hot!
OHRWO just promote musican and labels they make the vibes big. So you´ll hear a little bit reggae, the brand new Guerilljah Prodaction, Wudub!? with the fine Lisa Bennet, some deep ZamZam drops and so on. Than you get more bass sounds from Steppas Records, Moonshine Recordings, Dub Stuy that is flowing up in a beatyful dubstepping section. Later you hear more breaks and fastbass. Enjoy and leave some feedback where you had hear the Podcast and what you think about the music!

VIPR 26.08.2016 Vinyllist

1. Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
2. Henry&Louis-“Love And Understanding Dub”-Zam Zam Sound-ZAMZAM40
3. Derajah-“The Time Is Now”-Nu Roots Records-NUROOTS002
4. Beam Up f.t Jornick Joelick-“No Chains”-BBE316
5. Dubmatix ft. Tenja-“Can´t Put Us Down”-Echo Beach-EB095
6. Wudub!? ft. Lisa Bennett&Infinite-“Call On Me”-Ledebronx Recordings-9050-004
7. Longfinah meets Max Roots-“Jah Bless”-GuerillJah Prod.-GP006
8. Wudub!? ft. Centroid&Babylonbuster-“Rastaman Style”-Ledebronx Recordings-9050-004
9. Ashanti Selah ft. Ras Divarius-“Violin Step”-Steppas Records-AS1316
10. Ashanti Selah ft. Ras Divarius-“Violin Step(Alpha Steppa Dub Mix)”-Steppas Records-AS1316
11. Madplate Sound ft. Jago&Galak Spiritual-“Tension(Alpha Steppa rmx)”-Moonshine Rec-MS026
12. Dubamine ft. Bother Culture-“String Up The Sound”-Dub-Stuy Reocrds-SD-EP002
13. JahYu-“Wing Beat”-Tripedal Crow Records-TCR001
14. Dubamine ft. Carlton Livngston-“Good Morning Jamaica”-Dub-Stuy Reocrds-SD-EP002
15. Whitelabel-Digid-TTE001
16. Whitelabel-Sepia-“Amber”-WRDUBS002
17. EVA808-“Psycho Sushi”-Crucial Recordings-Crucial006
18. Whitelabel-Headland-“Local”-WRDUBS002
19. Kromestar-“The Progess”-Libery Music-LM002
20. Asa& Sorrow-“Barbaric”-Kapsize-KAP016
21. Breakage-”Staggered Dub(Sam Bings rmx)”-Whitelabel
22. TMSV-“King David Riddim”-Cosmic Bridge Records-CBR007
23. ITOA-“Paygk”-Roots&Future-RNF006
24. TMSV-“Rolla”-Cosmic Bridge Records-CBR007
25. Spectralsoul-“4URGH”-IshChatMusic-ISHCHAT001
26. Nitri ft. MC Sense-“Poltergeist”-Horizons Music-HZN092
27. Skeptical ft. Collette Warren-“Between The Lines”-Exit Records-EXIT062
28. Whitlabel-AMENIZER001
29. Nitri ft. Mc DRS-“Enough´s Enough”-Horizons Music-HZN092

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Thanks for the feedback.


Vibes Promotion on March 4th 2016

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

From Reggae to Dub, Dubstep,
Drumstep, Drum & Bass and 150bpm Jungle.


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Gentleman's Dub Club "See Them"
Gentleman's Dub Club "Music Is The Girl I Love"
Gentleman's Dub Club "Bad Girl"
Gentleman's Dub Club "Pressure"
Gentleman's Dub Club "Enter The Chamber"
Tippa Irie & Peppery "Humanity"
YT "In The Streets"
Lion Art "Legalize It"
Friendly Fire Band "Legalize Dub"
Inés Pardo "That Old Luke's Smile"
Earl Sixteen "Milk & Honey"
Ranking Forrest "Rub A Dub Style Is The Best"
Roberto Sánchez "Give Me The Rub A Dub"
Guive & Lone Ranger "New Start" (Dub Riddim Version)
Guive & Lone Ranger "New Start" (Reggae Version)
Manasseh ft. Bob Skeng "Dancehall Something"
Manasseh ft. Bob Skeng "Dancehall Something Dub"
Blue Hill ft. Lutan Fyah "Get Out" (Lost City JNGL Remix)
Truth ft. Ill Chill "Undeniable" (Lost City Remix)
M-Beat ft. General Levy "Incredible" (Galvatron Remix)
Numa Crew "Congo Dread"
Numa Crew ft. Robert Dallas & Petah Sunday "Impossible" (Serum Remix)
Fokus "Danger"
General Levy "The General" (Ed Solo Remix)
Gentlemans Dub Club ft. Natty "One Night Only" (Phibes Remix)
Bob Marley "No Woman No Cry" (FLeCK Remix)
U-Stone & Viniselecta "What Junglist Play"
U-Stone & Viniselecta "Peace & Harmony"
Fokus "Sonder"
Choepak Dubs ft. Shaman Dubs & Interrupt "England Riddim"
Congo Natty "Get Ready" (VIP Dub - Sukh Knight Remix)
Adam Prescott "Kingdom"
Sun Collective "Iron Clash"
Dubbing Sun & Digid ft. Sister Rasheda "Shashamane I"
J.Robinson & Who Dem Sound meets King Kobra "Jah Wise"
J. Robinson & WhoDemSound "Promised Land"
J. Robinson & WhoDemSound ft. Earl Sixteen "Rastaman"
Joe Ariwa "Youthman Dub"
Lionpulse "Bad Days Are Gone"
Ras Demo "Rule Your Destiny"
Earl Sixteen "Masterplan" (Dub Version)
Ras Seven "Mus A Lion"
Equal Brothers "Muzikal Ben" (Dub Version)
Dub Club ft. Welton Irie "Chant Down Babylon"
Dub Club ft. Tippa Lee "Rootsman Party"

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Vibes Promotion 02th October 2015

Vibes Promotion with OHRWO lgs. Joe Coseness

Body Movin rules that podcast!

Vibes Promotion had organised a very fine special selection of Future Bass and Trap music for you from the man called Joe Coseness. The DJ and hoster of one of the best party´s - in Essen/GER - the Body Movin regular. Joe Coseness give you 30 minits a tast of sweet and bassful music.

The secound part by OHRWO is full of modern music with no genrename right now. Its always bouncing and clicking. You´ll hear massiv music of the Juke, Footstep, Drum&Bass, Dub&Bass, Half Step, House, Dubstep and between. So we say Body Movin!

VIPR 02.10.2015

-01. Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
00. Darkstar-“Maven”-Clandestinecultivations-CLDUB006

Joe Coseness Part:

01. Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Fantasy
02. Pham feat. Young Fusion - Movements
03. Shagabond - Tuna Melt
04. Drake - How About Now (WYLN Edit)
05. Basenji - Dawn
06. Odesza feat. Zyra - Say My Name (Hermitude Remix)
07. WYLN - Dat Girl
08. cln - Better Than
09. San Holo - Fly
10. Until The Ribbon Breaks - Pressure (Ta-ku Remix)
11. Hermitude - HyperParadise (Flume Remix)

OHRWO Part: (start @ minit 38/sticktly vinyl)

12. Unknown-WX/WL-WXWL004
13. Anti-G-“What The Fack!”-Rwina Rec.-RWINA028
14. Macabre Unit-“Unknown”- Easesekkle001
15. Anti-G-“Hola Eöectrico”-Rwina Rec.-RWINA028
16. Bantu Juke Fever ft. Karima-“No Compromise”-ANUS Rec.-ANUS006
17. Dream Continium-“Set It”-Planet MU Rec.-ZIQ313
18. Duke Of The Juke-“Jukin Bird”-Anus Rec. ANUS003
19. Chrissy Murderbot-“Braaaain”-Planet Mu Rec.-ZIQ293
20. DJ MADD-„Champion“-Roots & Future-RNF004
21. Detboi-„Shots“-Key Sound Rec.-LDN055
22. DJ MADD-„Cachit“-Roots & Future-RNF004
23. DJ MADD-“Duppy”-Cosmic Bridge Rec.-CBR013
24. Digid ft. Werd 2 Jah-“Ganja Leaf”-Lion Charge Rec.-LIONCHG013
25. Unknown-„ Stalk Of Sensimilla (Compa Remix)“-KILLA003
26. DJ MADD-“Gangst 4 Life”-1DROP004
27. Digid-“Babylon Fall”-Lion Charge Rec.-LIONCHG013



Vibes Promotion on May 15th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

From Raggamuffin Hip Hop and Mash Ups
to Dubwise Drum & Bass and Ragga Jungle.


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Dub Pistols "Big World"
Mike Zoot ft. Labba "Spread Love"
TEK a.k.a. Smokey Lah "All Massive"
Smif 'N' Wessun "Sound Bwoy Burrial" (Re-Edit)
Afu-Ra ft. Cocoa Brovas & Jahdan "D&D Soundclash"
Krumb Snatcha "King Of All Kings"
Murs "Badman"
DJ Wood vs. Fugees "Ready Or Not" (Wood 'n' Soo Remix)
JStar "Royal Busy Zion"
Titan Sound vs. Foxy Brown "Billy Oh"
Manu Chao "La Primavera" (DJ Yamin Remix)
Reimo ft. Yaniss Odua "Lions In This Game"
Kenyon ft. DJ Netik "K.E.N.Y.O.N."
KRS ONE "9mm" (Ugly Lovely Remix - Wick-it VIP)
Junior Murvin "Police & Thieves" (Jahdubtahz & Schlusenbaker Remix)
Stickybuds "Don't Deny It"
JFB "Five On It"
Lost City vs. Shabba Ranks "Ting A Ling" (Remix)
Slynk "Bad Duppy Walk"
Benny Page ft. Richie Loop "Hot Body Gal" (J Bostron Remix)
DP & Promenade "Party People"
Mooncat "War Ina Babylon"
Unknown vs. Damian Marley "Welcome To Jamrock"
Visionary "She Makes Me Feel" (Division One VIP Mix)
Benny Page "Turn Down the Lights"
Deliman ft. Dossa "Rock A Dub"
Kenny Ken "Murder You" (Stickbubbly Remix)
M-Beat ft. General Levy "Incredible General" (Slynk Remix)
Numa Crew ft. Dub FX "Bass Hater"
DJ Madd "Every Little Thing"
Lost City "Run It"
The Count & Sinden "Strange Things" (Club Edit)
Serum & Northern Lights ft. Dee Bo General "Dont Let Go" (J Bostron Remix)

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Vibes Promotion 13th February 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with OHRWO

A new wonderfull depth podcast for you.
You can hear a lot of fine fresh vinyl stuff from Dub over Dubstep to Jungle/D´n´B madness. All goodies you´ll find in the big playlist.

Enjoy the waves!!

Producer/Artist-“Tune”-Label-Cat. No

Longfingah-Vibespromotion Intro
1. AMJ meets RSD –“Signs Of The Dub”- AMJ-AARVS021
2. Taggy Matcher ft.Birdy Nixon-“The Patisan”-STIX Rec.-STIX040LP
3. AMJ meets RSD –“Depth Drop”- AMJ-AARVS021
4. London Grammar-“If You Wait(Shy FX Remix)”-Metal&Dust Rec.-MAD009
5. Rolling Lion Studio-“Worry In Dub”-Partial Rec.-PRTL10004
6. I Neurologici-“Qassam Dub”-Real Rock-RCK002
7. Hieronymus-“A Pound Of Pepper”-ZAM ZAM Sound-ZamZam24
8. J. Robinson Who Dem Sound meets Dan Lipman(On Flute)-“Heal I”-Who Dem Sound-WHODEM004
9. Egoless-“From Dusk To Dub”-Lion Charge Rec.-LIONCHG009
10. Don Fe-“Reality Check”-Steppa Records-AS1114
11. AMJ meets RSD ft. Mariama Kouyate –“The Brave”- AMJ-AARV026
12. Kahn ft. Rider Shafique-“Late Night Blues(Gorgon Sound Version)”-Deep Medi Muzik-MEDI84
13. Sekklemann ft. Baptiste-„Lightman“-Moonshine Recordings-MS018
14. Fracture and Sam Binga ft. Rider Shafique-“Ruff”-Astrophonica-APHA010
15. Kahn-“Abattoir”- Deep Medi Muzik-MEDI83
16. TMSV-“Jackhamemr”-Artikal Music-ARTKL014
17. Fanu-“Bad Dreams”-Lightless Rec.-LIGHTLESS007
18. TOKYO Prose ft. Zoe Klinck-“Kidman”-Samurai Music-SMGRS02
19. DRS ft. Marcus Intalex-“Emergency”-SOUL:R-065
20. Top Cat-“Ruffest Gunark(Chase&Status´09rmx)”-Streetlife Rec.-STREETLIFE002
21. DRS ft. Jubei-“The Puppeteer”-SOUL:R-065
22. Skeptical-“Instant Reflex”-Exit Rec.-EXIT053
23. Dub Phizix-“Bounce”-Senka Sonic-SENKASONIC001
24. Skeptical-“Delusions Of Grandeur”-Exit Rec.-EXIT053
25. Dub Phizix ft. Strategy-“Bounce”-Senka Sonic-SENKASONIC001
26. Jus Now-“Tune Up(Kahn rmx)”-Hotline Rec.-HOTLINE006
27. LIONCHG004

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Vibes Promotion 22nd November 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

A new journey of music in that Podcast by OHRWO. The journey starts with a wonderful Reggae selection, than they make a stop by the Jahtarian Digital Reggae station.Than the sound leave the offbeat, end enter the bassscene. In the end you get some new vibes from the MetalHeadz label in the Jungle, it called Endstation.


01. Vibes Promotion Intro–Longfingah
02. Revoltionary Dub Warriors-“Warrior”-On U Sound-ON-UDP29
03. Steel Pulse-“Babylon Makes The Rules”-Island-ILPS9568
04. Rod Taylor-“Yes We Gonna Get Over”-Volcano-
05. Bitty McLean, Jose Wales, Sly and Robbie-“Runnig Over/Nuh On A Dem”-Taxi/Silent River-SR006
06. Earl 16-“Reggae Music”-Reggae Roast-RR006
07. Micah Shemaiah ft. T.J., Hempress Sativa, Jahkime, Infinite-“Dread @ The Control”-E.D.B. Entertainment
08. The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra ft. Bitty McLean-“Fu Manchu”-Axe Attack Recordings-AAR001
09. Philip Crucial ft. Ecile De Brave-“Rasta´s Luck” E.D.B. Entertainment
10. Albarosi-“Rock The Dancehall”-Dub Rockers/VP-VPS9277
11. Protoje-“Kingston Be Wise”- Don Corleon
12. Don Carlos & Million Stylez-“World Crises”-Ink A Link Records-IKL014
13. El Fata-“Digital Reggae”-Vibeguard Recordings-VGR7002
14. Junior Roy-“Run Di Session”-Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-10
15. Speng Bond-“White Horse”- Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-09
16. Lord Sassafrass-“Talking Yardie”- Maffi/Jahtari-JTR7-10
17. Paul St. Hilaire-“Who Goes There”-Jahtari-JTR15
18. Don Camilo-“Run Come”-Jamafra Records-JAM003
19. Radikal Guru ft. Echo Ranks-“Warnig”-Moonshine Recordings-MS013
20. Gorgon Sound vs. Dubkasm-“Who Ah De Gorgon?”-Peng! Sound-PENGSOUND004
21. DJ Madd ft. Marina P-“Homeland”-Roots&Future-RNF002
22. Whitelabel-1DROP001
23. DJ Madd-“Follow Dub”- Roots&Future-RNF002
24. Whitelabel-1DROP001
25. Thelem ft. T.Man-“Bring”-Innamind Recordings-IMRV007
26. The Bug-“Dirty”-Ninja Tune-ZEN10353
27. The Bug-“Freakshow”-Ninja Tune-ZEN10353
28. The Bug-“Kill Dem”-Ninja Tune-ZEN10353
29. The Bug-“Louder”-Ninja Tune-ZEN10353
30. White-with a Metal Headz Stemp
31. LIONCHG004
32. DABS& MC Kwality-“Skull&Bones(Stray Rmx)”-Horizons Music-HZNX013
33. Dom&Roland-“Outta Endz”-Metal Headz-META014

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Vibes Promotion 24th May 2013

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with OHRWO

This Vibes Promotion Session by OHRWO is show the industriell side of music. The trip begin very quite and get somtimes stronger. Many bad basswave blow your mind outside this reality. You should listen it.

Listen to Vibes Promotion in a psychoway one time in month on PsychoRadio.

Download: 2013_05_24_OHRWO_at_Vibespromotion.mp3 here in the MIxCLOUD

OHRWO take this session also on SOUNDCLOUD so you can choose in wich way you ´ll get the bass.

OHRWO at Vibespromotion Part II by OHRWO

01. Mala-“Changes (James Blake Harmonimix)“-Deep Medi-MEDI069
02. Kahn ft. Rider Shafique-“Prophet”-Black Box-BLACKBOX032
03. Max Romeo & Eak a Mouse-“No Peace”-Powa Cuts- POWACUTS003
04. Kahn ft. Flowdan-“Badman City”-Black Box-BLACKBOX032
05. Stratgo-“The Fort”-NINC003
06. Ishan Sound ft. Ras Addis-“Clash Of The Titans”-Peng Sound Records-PENGSOUND002
07. Compa-“Antact”—KOKESHI008
08. Ishan Sound ft. Ras Addis-“Clash Of The Dub(Dubaskm mix)”-Peng Sound Records-PENGSOUND002
09. -l-“Long Time(Ruckspin rmx)”-Quantum Soul-QS001
10. Pinch&Roska-“Shoulda Rolla”-Tectonic-TEC070
11. Distance-“Gorilla Force”-Chestplate-CHST027
12. Dub Mechz-”Broken LFO”-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI65
13. Stratgo-“4117”-NINC003
14. Kaiju. Ft. Flowdan-“Hunter”-Osiris Music-OSMUK029
15. Kahn & Neek-“Backchat”-Hotline Recordings-HOTLINE001
16. Alhaca ft. Sizzla-“Break The Silence”.Lo Dubs-LODUBS712023
17. The Bug ft. Ricky Ranking-“Too Much Pain”-Ninja Tune-ZEN132
18. Blue Dasy & Unknown Shapes-“Used To Give A Fk”-Black Acre Records-ACRE041
19. Lurka-“Full Clip”-Hotline Recordings-HOTLINE002
20. Amoss-“Dilate”-Horizons Music-HZN064
21. Lurka-“BR Greaze”-Hotline Recordings-HOTLINE002
22. Sunchase-“Nathennia”-Utopia Music-UM012


Vibes Promotion 14th September 2012

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with Selecta Reewind

Reewind present you a mix with various styles. The podacast hits the dancefloor, so try it. It starts with a delicious hip hop segment, go on with skanking reggae vibes and feature the new "east to west" riddim and close with modern dubstep and drum `n bass sounds. So feel free feed you digital divices and leave a comment.

Listen to Vibes Promotion live every friday at 7 PM CET at

All 2012 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
However you can still download it from google drive as part of this archive:


Vibes Promotion on July 20th 2012

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion with DrmZ

Today we have a Jungle Special for you.
Lots of Dubwise Drum & Bass and Ragga Jungle featuring artists like The Turntable Dubbers, The Wildlife Collective (Ed Solo & Deekline), Benny Page, The Serial Killaz, Visionary and many more...


Turntable Dubbers "Another One For The Road" UNRELEASED
Division One (Visionary) "Pull Up" RS-002
Turntable Dubbers "Rasta Be Good To Me" NICEUP-011
Menoza feat Belle "Got Me Tryin"  (RCola Remix) WKDRDM-001
Turntable Dubbers "Hold Yuh" UNRELEASED
Quick Response Unit "Small World" SR-014
Dub Zero "They Don't Know" XRA-002
The Wildlife Collective "Bad Bwoy" JC-006
The Wildlife Collective "No No No (You Don't Love Me)" JC-002
Diamond Geezer "Top Ranking Remix" RWD-01
The Wildlife Collective "Top Ranking" JC-003
The Wildlife Collective "I Need A Dollar" JC-006
Serial Killaz "Killa Klash" KILLAZ-001
RCola, Murda & Bass Nacho "Cowboy Run" JXR-06
Serial Killaz "Mash You Down" RPG-032
Skoobz "Soundclash" ROCKERS-002
Kenny Ken "Everyman" (Benny Page Remix) MNB-033
White Label "Jamrock" FLARE-001
Channel 2 "Burning Flame" ROCKSTEADY-006
Miracle "Jah Promise" CHR-031
Interface "Burnin" (Hi Grade Remix) UNRELEASED
Roughcut "Dubwize Selection" DUBWIZE-002
Benny Page "Money" UNRELEASED
Benny Page "Urban Tribe" SBOY-005
Viniselecta & U Stone "Computer Dub" NUMFR-003
Visionary "She Makes Me Feel" (Division One VIP Mix) LD-004
Benny Page "Turn Down The Lights" SBOY-003

Enjoy the show!

Listen to Vibes Promotion live every friday at 7 PM CET at

All 2012 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
However you can still download it from google drive as part of this archive:


Vibes Promotion on March 30th 2012

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall RadioVibes Promotion with DrmZ and OHRWO

A huge podcast by OHRWO and DRMZ with a lot of styles. Listen reggae, digital reggae, dub, dubstep, dubtechno, breakz and dnb.

Tracklist OHRWO part:

Barrington Levy „Black Rose“
C. Eastwood “Roots Rock Reggae”
Johnny Clarke ”Sinners Repent”
Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Sister Carol ”Cuture Mi Vote”
Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. YT “World News”
Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Mr. Williamz ”Computer Age”
Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Daddy Scotty “Wicked Tings A Gwaan”
Mungo´s Hi Fi ft. Daddy Freddy “Dread Inna Armagideon”
Radikal Guru ft. Ciann Finn “Babylon Sky” (RSD Remix)
TMSV + DJ MADD „Difference“
LAS “Memories”
TMSV + DJ MADD „Difference“ (J Kenzo Remix)
LAS “Mental Judgement”
Egoless ft. IRIE FM „Rainbow Dub“

Tracklist DRMZ part:

Global Youth "All Of The Youth"
Spooky Monkey "Drifter"
D'Annern "Riddim An' Sensi"
DJ Bicen "I And I Rocket"
Oral-X-Perience "Timbo"
Duplik Sector "Ya Loozin It"
Dr. Echo & DJ Reverend "Fine Style"
More Rockers "Analogue Jungle"
Mudskipper "Bankman"
Jungle Neck "Oppression Cease"
Digital Science "Dis Power"

Enjoy the show!

Listen to Vibes Promotion live every friday at 7 PM CET at

All 2012 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
However you can still download it from google drive as part of this archive:


Vibes Promotion on September 16th 2011 (Jungle Special)

Vibes Promotion Show with DrmZ

This weeks show is another jungle special. 90 minutes of ragga jungle, dubwise and drum&bass.
Here is the playlist:

DJ Fresh & Pendulum "Kingston Vampires"
Dillinja "Feel My Pain"
DJ Hype, J Majik & Wickaman feat. Daddy Earl "Dubplate Killa"
Phantasy, Shodan & UK Apache "Gimme Da Gal" (Simon Bassline Smith & Drumsound Remix)
Pendulum "Slam"
Lemon D "Get On Down" (DJ Die Remix)
Total Science "Nosher" (Baron Remix)
D-Type "Ice Cream"
Dillinja "Twist Em Out"
Adam F & T.K.O. "Therapy"
Whitelabel "Human Nature" (Makoto & Specialist Mix)
Silva D "Bad Boyz"
Division One "She Makes Me Feel" (VIP)
Alix Perez "Dub Rock"
Souldrop "Natty Dub"
Ed Solo & Deekline "Bad Bwoy"
TC & Distorted Minds "Compton"
Shy FX & T Power feat. Yush "Lovers Rock"
Krak In Dub "Blast 1"
Chopstick Dubplate ft. Johnny Osbourne "Jungle Teng"
Tester "We Do The Killing"
Illicit "Dub Education"
Twinhooker & Paulie Walnuts "Just Reward"
RCola "Badboy"

Enjoy the show!

Listen to Vibes Promotion live every friday at 7 PM CET at

All 2011 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
However you can still download it from google drive as part of this archive:


Vibes Promotion on July 29th 2011

Vibes Promotion Show with OHRWO and BASSFoundation/India

This week OHRWO invited the india Soundcrew called BASSFoundation from New Delhi/India for a wicked reggae-dancehall-jungle juggling. Enjoy the Raggakings/Vibes Promotion show with DJ Praxis, DJ Big Daddy Klein and MC Delhi Sultanate. Massiv show within Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep and Reggae.


Sukhmani Malik – BASSFoundation Tayar Hai (Sidewalk Doctor riddim)
Million Stylez – Miss Fatty (Sidewalk Doctor riddim)
General Levy – Gideon Boot (Belly Ska riddim)
Million Stylez – Mind Travelling (Belly Ska riddim)
Sizzla – Big Long Ska (Belly Ska riddim)
Lady Chann – Money a dem God (Belly Ska riddim)
Lady Chann – Money a dem God (Eye of the Tiger riddim, Jr Blender refix)
Mandeep Sethi – BASSF Pass Out (Pass Out riddim)
Kid Foreigner – Bun Out (Pass Out riddim)
Luciano – Why Should I? (Still in Love riddim, J Star edit)
Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax - NYC-2-Africa (Dubstrumental)
Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax -Dem Can't Stop We From Talk (feat. Anthony B)
Subatomic Sound System & Nomadic Wax - NYC-2-India (feat. Delhi Sultanate)
Million Stylez - Police In Helicopter (Dubplate)
Da Grynch - Police In Helicopter (Instrumental)
Rebel MC - Wardance (Serial Killaz VIP mix)
Ed Solo & Deekline - Ragga Tip
Serial Killaz - Walk & Skank
Marcus Visionary - Fallen Angels
Breakage – Old Skool Ting
Ed Solo & Deekline – Bad Bwoy
Marcus Viosionary - In This Time

In the second part of the show OHRWO do what they ever do he play sick BASS Music

So check it out..&..leave a comment!

Listen to Vibes Promotion live every friday at 7 PM CET at

All 2011 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
However you can still download it from google drive as part of this archive:


Vibes Promotion on January 28th 2011

This week DrmZ presents a Jungle session alongside the the Mannheim based Ragga-Jungle/D´n´B crew The tAPEz at the Vibes Promotion show. The tAPEz are illikkone and Slowmotion, the next party with The tAPEz is on 25.02 in the RedCat/club Mainz. So TUNE IN and welcome to the wild & deep jungle with the great tAPEz and DrmZ.

Listen to Vibes Promotion live every friday at 7 PM CET at

All 2011 shows are no longer online on the raggakings server.
However you can still download it from google drive as part of this archive: