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Vibes Promotion 07th December 2018

Vibes Promotion 07th December

Late, but you can relisten that audiocast now!

Let you suprise and taste it.

You´ll hear sounds from TSVI of the heavy Inner World LP.

At last there is a big Soom T part on the wonderfull Jahtari label called Ode 2 a Carrot.



Vibes Promotion on March 27th 2015

Raggakings Reggae Dancehall Radio Vibes Promotion - Dub Techno Special with DrmZ

We start with the new Biodub feat. Ray Darwin on Tiefenrausch and more tunes with reggae vocals by Rhythm & Sound.
From there it gets more electronic and minimal with releases on Echochord, Kompakt, Doppelganger, Haunt, Lucidflow, BLKRTZ...
The show ends with a few tracks from the great Echogarden Vol.1 compilation.


Jahdubtahz ft. Longfingah "Vibes Promotion Intro"
Biodub ft. Ray Darwin "Until Forever"
Rhythm & Sound ft. Sugar Minott "Let Jah Love Come" (Sweet Substance Remix)
Rhythm & Sound ft. Willi Williams "See Mi Yah" (Hallucinator Remix)
Noetics "Rotterdub" (Biodub Remix)
Biodub "Subsistence"
Rhythm & Sound ft. Jennifer Lara "Queen In My Empire"
Fluxion "Perfuse" (Deadbeat Remix)
Sasha "Cut Me Down" (Streams Remix)
Rhythm & Sound ft. Tikiman "Never Tell You"
DDMS "Makers" (Deadbeat Remix)
Deadbeat "Second Quarter"
Mind Over Midi ft. Tikiman "Champion"
Andre Crom & Rhauder "Dubweiser"
Stephen Hitchel "For Convextion"
Rhythm & Sound ft. Tikiman "What a Mistry" (youANDme EDIT)
Morild "Black and Blurry" (Bak & Lindemann Remix)
Rhythm & Sound ft. Tikiman" Why"
Fluxion "You Dont Know"
Marco Cassanelli "ADUB" (Fluxion Remix)
Rhythm & Sound ft. Walda Gabriel "Boss Man" (Tiki's Pure Blue Remix)
Baumfreund feat. Valerie in Love "Sun Mind"
Matthias Springer "Cloudgazing"
Marko Furstenberg "Rieht" (Rita Hess Remix)
Fluxion "For You"
Dub Taylor "Urban Silence III"
Resoe "312"
Goran Geto "Replikator"
Fluxion "Eruption"
Overcast Sound "Distant Hum"
Darkdive "Echoverbs"

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