Vibes Promotion 8th February 2013

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Police in helicopter in dub are in the focus of this new Vibes Promotion podcast mixed by OHRWO. Starting with the big Soom T LP and the Jahtarian Dubbers. The step going on with some pretty nice whitelabel releases, deep and dubby skanking  remixes of great reggae sounds inclusive the voices of Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Shabba Ranks, Coco Tea, John Holt and more - you´ll like it. With the Rob Sparx´s "Independent Life" remix by El-B the music goes more "newer" with fresh pressed 12" stuff. The tunes by Kahn&Neek and Core ft. Jamakabi show the ruff side of live with huge deep sounds. With the new release from ANEX on Deep Heads Records, OHRWO starts to show the diversity of modern dubsteping clubsounds till the end. HUGE music so give us a feedback how do you like it.

Here ist the Playlist

01.Vibes Promotion Intro – Longfingah
02. John Frum-”Healing Dub”-Jahtari-JTRLP04
03. Soom T-“I Need Weed“-Jahtari-JTRLP03
04. Mikey Murka-“Sweeter“-Jahtari-JTRLP04
05. Whitelabel-CRATER004
06. Whitelabel-HELLI001
07. Whitelabel-SET003
08. Whitelabel-WAR018
09. Whitelabel-AZ001
10. Whitelabel-WAR018
11. Whitelabel-WLJ001
12. Whitelabel-NAT001
13. Whitelabel-WAR017
14. Radikal Guru-“Kingston Town“-Doubout-DUBOUT005
15. Whitelabel-AWD003
16. Whitelabel-KILLA001
17. Rob Sparx-“Independent Life(El-B Remix)“-Dubting-DUBTING009
18. Kahn& Neek-“Backchat“-Hotline Recordings-HOTLINE001
19. Core ft. Jamakabi-“Civil War“-Aquatic Lap Records-LAB013
20. Anex-“Phobic“-Deep Heads-DEEPD009
21. Sleeper& District-“The Risk“-Osiris Musik-OSMUK025
22. Mutt-“Tekdub ft. Illgates“-Tube10 Recordings-TUBE10.008
23. Goth Trad-“Submodulation“-Deep Medi Musik-MEDI048
24. Ratville-“Screaming Butterfly(Goth-Trad remix)“-PRDM003
25. Radikal Guru ft. Cian Finn-“Ireland“-Moonshine Recordings-MSS001
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