About Vibes Promotion

Vibes Promotion is the name of our weekly internet broadcast hosted by OHRWO (Dresden) and DrmZ (Schwerin). We play Reggae/Dancehall, Dubstep, Jungle, Rap and many other styles.
Every friday at 8 PM CET you can listen to our selections live on raggakings.net.

This Blog will be used to announce show specials and works as show archives.
Vibes Promotion started in 2005 and all recordings will be available for download/stream in the next weeks.

We often have guests in our show. The reason we do the show is to spread music and to connect with people who love bass music.
So if you plan to visit and want to be a guest selecta on our show - just write us a message and we´ll try to make it happen. A unique selection is always welcome!
Contact: vibespromotion@googlemail.com

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